Sleep Tracker Mobile Apps

What are Sleep Tracker Mobile Apps?

Computer software and applications for smartphones that track and monitor our sleeping habits have been developed which can help us in understanding and improving our sleep quality. For some sleep may be a luxury but some rely on medications to sleep. If falling or staying asleep is always a battle for you, a Sleep Tracker App may be an option to try. Sleep Tracker Apps help us to improve our sleep, wake up refreshed, and energized.

It helps to determine if we are in a light or a deep state of sleep, use alarms accordingly to wake us up feeling refreshed. They track the number of times we woke up during our sleep, the total amount of time we spent asleep, whether our sleep was restful or restless, and display them on our screens or wearable devices in graphs and detailed charts. In essence, a sleep tracker app might just be what is needed to get the quality sleep we deserve.

How Do Sleep Tracker Mobile Apps Work?

Most mobile apps that are developed for tracking our sleep often come with haptic-sensitive wearable devices or they use sensors that are built-in on our smartphones. They use different methods of analyzing our sleep like body movement, heart rate, sound, and environmental changes. like brightness and temperature.

When changes in the MOVEMENT

We move when we are asleep depending on the stages of sleep. Sleep Trackers Mobile App can sense our movements while we sleep and determine what state we may be in and monitor its duration. They do this by using the sensor called accelerometer in our smartphones which allows it to track movement, acceleration, and force of gravity. Wearable devices like smartwatches or smart bands come with a similar sensor called actigraph which tracks movements.


Our heart rate slows down and our blood pressure drops when we fall asleep. Wearables monitor our heart rate by using a method called photoplethysmography (PPG). This is done by flashing light onto our skin and measuring the amount of light refracted by blood flow. This way, sleep trackers can provide even more information about our sleep quality.


Some sleep trackers can make use of our smartphone’s microphone to monitor and capture noises or sudden sounds which may be interrupting us from dozing off. Apart from external noises from our surroundings, sounds coming from our bodies may also disrupt our sleep, and thus, sleep trackers are used to controlling it.


Smart apps often give us tips and tricks on tweaking our environment to suit our sleeping patterns or to create a sleep-friendly surrounding in general. They can also monitor changes in our bedroom environment are detected, sleep trackers can correlate these factors and inform us on tips to improve our sleep.


Lifestyle tracking apps and software serve the purpose of analyzing our body and environment to determine problems that may be affecting our sleep and preventing us from the sleep we deserve. They may layout trends and sleep information for us to make necessary and effective changes in our routine. For example, eating healthy, time of meals, limiting or avoiding caffeinated drinks, exercising, meditation, tracking sources of stress, and fixing them may be the required steps to having a quality sleep.

The way we live has a direct impact on our sleep quality. Changing certain aspects of your daily activities and making healthier lifestyle choices is crucial to understanding the bigger picture, of ultimately having a good night’s rest.

Sleep Tracker Mobile Apps
  1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (Android, iOS)

It is suitable for people with likings for simplicity and to the point analytics. Free to use with smart alarm and snoozing system with gentle sound lists and comes with subscription type premium features starting at Rs. 145/monthly or Rs. 726/yearly.

  1. Fitbit (Android, iOS, Windows)

A paid wrist-wear device costing Rs. 4,355/- helps track sleep. There are a variety of models like Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Iconic, or Fitbit Charge to choose from. Fitbit app actually originated as a steps tracker fitness app.

  1. Sleep Genius (Android, iOS)

A free yet very effective, precise, and clinically tested sleep tracker app program that trains our brain to wake up refreshed. This app is trusted by NASA for its astronauts. Can be paid with Rs. 363/- for the premium version.

  1. Pillow (iOS, Apple Watch)

Mobile App Developed for an iOS system, this easy-to-use app works best on apple watch giving more accurate analytics than your smartphone. It is free to use or can be paid for the premium version for Rs. 363/-

  1. Sleep as Android (Android, Android Wear OS)

An Android-centered app with compatibility with an android wearable with custom alarms, anti-snore features, and many other features. It has a 2-week free trial period after which it is free every other day. It is Rs. 435/- for premium.

  1. WHOOP 3.0 wearable strap (Android, iOS)

A new and popular lightweight, waterproof wearable strap with compatibility with Android and iOS that not only tracks your sleep and provides detailed information on your sleeping patterns but also your daily activities. It can be worn daily and even in close contact sports like wrestling or swimming. It can be bought with a monthly subscription of Rs. 2179/- or 12-month membership for Rs. 20,924/- or 18-month membership for Rs. 23,540/-


Thus, with such a modern and hectic life going on, it is recommended that such sleep tracker Mobile apps must be utilized for a good sleep which eventually would add up to your health. They are in no way bad for health or complicated to use and is often better to spend more on medications that may later deteriorate your health with lots of side effects, rather than spending money on sleep tracker mobile apps and devices.

It proves beneficiary with no such side effects and actually resolve your sleeping issues smoothly with ease and provide you better health. Develop your own sleep tracking mobile app with the help of the best mobile app developers who have expertise in developing such tracking apps.

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