The season of Raksha Bandhan is perfect for strengthening the bonds between siblings. Anyone belonging to the Hindu faith denying this statement would be considered insane by the majority. Anyone can easily send handmade rakhi online if their distance from their sibling is long. However, when you look at the fun and excitement in creating the sacred thread, it is more than you can imagine. Buying one from a store is easy and fast, but customizing a rakhi for your brother has a different charm.

It’s a Piece of Cake

While many ladies think it’s not easy to customize it themselves, the only thing required is creativity. Not only will it give joy to you, but your brother will also be delighted to know that it’s the work of their sister’s own hands. Creating nostalgia from the actual event will create long-lasting memories. Not to mention that a uniquely customized thread with a modern twist will keep your brother in a safe and good mood. If you need more insights on how to get started, then it is your good day. This article has been prepared for you.

Send Handmade Rakhi Online

Sort Out High-Quality Raw Material

Whenever you plan to make a rakhi for your brother, the most crucial thing to remember is the material of the sacred thread. It is always recommended to sort out the best and top-notch raw material available to you. You can start by arranging colorful threads ranging from between 20 to 30 inches in length. Following this method, all you have to do is to fold the strings into their halves. Using a cotton strand, attach the first time to about a fourth of the bundle of thread. While this area will be designed for the rakhi, the rest part will be tied to the wrist of your brother. It will be catchier to use a golden thread following several traditions.

The Most Common Method

When making rakhi for your brother, try to get rid of the beads from the loops. Once free from loops, it’s time to smoothen the thread using constant rubbing of a toothbrush. Make sure to keep the thread tight while doing this; otherwise, the fluffiness might not get entirely smooth. Afterward, it will be the perfect time to divide the nigger piece into equal halves while positioning them as you prefer. In the end, tie a similar knot and smoothen the edges using the same method mentioned above.

This step might seem a bit complex, and you are free to send rakhi to India online. Online delivery of rakhi for your brother will indeed make it easier for all. However, during several situations like a pandemic, creativity is the biggest asset. Simultaneously, the online delivery system works best if you are abroad and want to send rakhi to India. Self-crafted works wonders.

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Consider Wool Rakhi

When looking at the rakhi trends, you will find that wool thread is the most popular one. If you want a little more of a trendy option, this one is ideal for you. You can start simply by twisting the colored wool around your hand about 20 times. Following this, all you have to do after is tie the wool firmly in a knot form. Furthermore, shortening the end sides of the bow and spread it in a flower shape design.

You can add further equipment types such as beads and jewels to make it look like a flower even more. Afterward, you have to take to threads of your preferred colors’ wools and make them equal in length. Keep it a bit longer than your brother’s hand and slide in the beads consecutively in the thread, followed by a knot.

A Cute and Simple Method

Finally, paste this thread at the rear with anything you like. Whether a sticker, decorative choice, or anything, give it a cute look. It is one of the cutest methods to gift a rakhi to your brother. Many designers have used this way of crafting to sell various rakhi on online platforms. Not to mention that it is straightforward to send rakhi to India online nowadays.

Final Thoughts – Send Rakhi to India Online

While you might have something unique in mind, you can go with either wool, Zari, or any rakhi for your brother you want. While some require you to be picky about what you choose for a rakhi, others like to keep it simple. It doesn’t matter if you are abroad and looking for ways to also send rakhi gifts to India online.

It’s because there are many online platforms and services are available, however, the question is how and what exactly do you want to gift your brother on Raksha Bandhan? It is entirely up to your choice and creativity, so why limit it to pre-designed ones? Use these tips we shared to make the perfectly designed self-made rakhi for your brother. Not only will it put a beautiful smile on your brother’s face, but it will also create lasting memories.