What’s The Science Behind Our Tyres?


Tyres have been an integral part of the automotive industry since time immemorial. A car is not just run by its engine, but tyres also play an equally important role in providing you with a safe and comfortable drive. If your vehicle is a true marvel of engineering, then so are your tyres. The only difference is that they haven’t got their dues till date.

There goes a lot of science behind the making of perfect tyres for you. Tyre manufacturers are spending huge bucks on their research and development teams each year so that the tyres that you roll on the roads save you from all kinds of catastrophes. They aren’t just black rubber around the wheels. Rydanz Tyres are also a combination of nylon, steel and polyester.

Since they need to carry huge loads at high speeds, the manufacturers have to be extremely sure of the end product that reaches the customers. That’s the reason tyres pass through numerous quality checks before the cheap tyres fitted to your vehicles. It all starts with the requirements. Whether the tyres are designed for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or for the replacement, the engineers need to know the requirements of the market. These requirements set the performance for the tyres later on the roads.

What type of performance is expected from the tyres?

Mainly, tyres need to perform in two areas – basic performance and additional performance.

Basic performance

In this, the manufacturers need to meet all the legal requirements, so that they can be put to use on the roads. This involves the requirements from the government, clearing all the legal limits, the strength of the tyre, weight and balance of the tyre and so forth.

Additional performance

These performances are related to the handling of the tyre in dry, wet, muddy or snowy surfaces. Traction, braking, rolling resistance, wear and tear, noise by the tyre are also the part of additional performance.

Which technology makes our tyres run on the roads?

The design of the tyre mainly combines of four elements and these form the basis of the Rydanz tyres. They are – the tread of the tyre, tyre contour, tyre construction and tyre compound. Let’s find more about them.

Tread pattern

The tread pattern plays a very important part in the performance of the tyre. The tread is designed in such a way, so that the tyre gives excellent traction in any condition, whether it’s snow, ice, dry or a wet surface. The engineers need to maintain a balance between void ratio, siping, groove size and the tread depth. If tread pattern is distorted in nature that cause huge accident or some time you will loss your life, thats why engineers maintain

Sipes decide the performance in snow. An increased void ratio helps the tyres perform on wet roads. Pitch length and pitch sequence are optimized so that the tyre creates the least possible noise.

Tyre contour

This provides the shape to the tyre. Distributing the tyre pressure evenly in a tyre is a big challenge for the engineers. So, a tyre contour which is flattered, better handling performance. Whereas, around tyre contour provides a better ride to the people sitting in the car. It all depends on the engineers as they need to find a perfect balance between wide, round, flat or narrow tyre.

Tyre compound

Out of all the compounds, the tread compound is extremely vital for the tyre, as it connects the tyre to the road. It’s divided into tread caps, tread base and tread wings. While developing this compound, the engineers mainly focus on wear, wet, cut and chip resistance and the handling of the vehicle. Engineer knows good compound provide more grip and power.

Tyre construction

Focusing on tyre construction helps the engineers to meet the basic requirements related to the tyre. This provides a perfect balance between the ride and handling. The rolling resistance requirement is also achieved effectively. Without effective friction tyre should not be roll better

It takes a lot of sweat and hard work on the part of the tire manufacturers to create the perfect cheap tires fitted for you. So, take care of them and they will take care of you.