10 Scariest Roblox Games In 2022 [Best Roblox Horror Games]

Scariest Roblox Games
Scariest Roblox Games

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Since its release in the year 2006, Roblox has emerged as one of the most popular and widely played gaming platforms. The platform is well known for its intuitive and interactive interface and compatibility. Whether you are owning a PC or have Xbox Series X|S or above, the gaming platform can be easily accessed anywhere. 

Roblox has emerged as a favorite place for millions of gamers globally. The platform includes thousands of original games which makes it amazing and engaging. The best thing about this wonderful gaming platform is that you can easily find a wide range of games here suiting well to the requirements of all age groups.

The guide includes full detail about the 10 Scariest Roblox Games in 2022.

1. Bear (Alpha)

Bear is one of the best survival horror games that come up with an asymmetrical twist. Gamers have to build up a team of about 9 survivors that work together to ward off the Bear successfully. Along with it, you have the Bear itself which is further controlled by the 10 other players. The gameplay is quite interesting and interactive. One has to combat Bear and its attacks successfully and for enabling the same you have to solve the different puzzles first. 

2. Finders Keepers

It is a wonderful scary game in roblox for all those who have to investigate the strange events going on in a  family house. The gamers here will serve as a Paranormal Investigator and your goal would be to find the truth behind the different powers causing the disappearance of the family. The gameplay is quite immersive and features good sound effects.

3. Kalampokiphobia

It is a wonderful scary roblox game to play with friends on the list that will give you goosebumps every second over there. The gameplay is being in trend with Halloween and is being egged on by YouTube jumpscare videos and TikTok videos. It is a kind of run and hide game that features a creepy stalker character pursuing you throughout the disorienting corn maze.

4. Dead Silence

Dead Silence is another one of the scariest Roblox games on the list that offers users a creepy and breathtaking experience. The gameplay is based on a horror film that names the same as it is. The gameplay put gamers in the shoe of the investigator where they have to investigate the disappearance of Mary Show who was being murdered and supposed to haunt the local town. Creepy corners, creepy sounds, whispered hushes, and much more are there that make this game even scarier.

5. Nanny

Being chased through the dark hallways by ferocious Nanny seems to be a nightmare for sure. It is one of the most horror games on the list where you have to run quickly to escape the horror. The gameplay can be played alone or with friends as well.

6. Horror Tycoon

Adding another wonderful name to the list, Horror Tycoon is one of the finest horror Roblox games on the list that provides a fun crossover experience to the users. As the name is describing it well, the gamers here have to build up their horror emporium and have to buy different horror characters to display. Games here can build up their little horror shops, create additional buildings, and can earn money without any issues.

7. Piggy

Being inspired by Peppa Pig, it is one of the most engaging horror gameplay on the list. The gameplay features 12 different maps and 7 different game modes that help you in escaping a grisly demise effectively. Gamers here have to choose on a map and they would have to opt for the different gaming modes before going further with the game. The gameplay features a narrative threat to uncovering where you along with other players can take place in seasonal content, and complete puzzles effectively.

8. Alone in a Dark House

It is another exploration-based scary game to play on Roblox, that features a perfect combination of story elements and walking mechanics. The gamers play up the role of a private investigator here who has to travel around a small town and have to focus on a brutal vehicle murder. The gameplay takes you to a big house that includes different secrets in it.

9. Poppy Playtime

It is a super popular horror game on the list, that you can enjoy with your friends. The gameplay takes you on the tour of the abandoned toy factory that is being overrun with spooky toys that come alive. The gameplay is quite interesting and is quite enough to fill you with horror.

10. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

It is one of the most immersive horror exploration games on the list that fills you with scars and quests. It is a multiplayer game that will navigate you to hotel challenges. You have to avoid your enemies and have to trap them to win the game.


So, Guys! These are one of the leading 10 Scary Roblox Games 2022, that will take your gaming experience to the next level. All of the games being listed above are quite interesting and can keep you engaged for a longer run.