Amazon Account

What if your Amazon account gets locked? How you can recover from the same? As we all know Amazon is the largest e-commerce business platform. And it is very obvious that their rules will be rigid and strict as they run such a great platform on a very large scale

Your account gets locked due to infringement on Amazon’s terms and conditions. You cannot make the purchase from Amazon if something like will takes place.

If your account gets locked for some reason you cannot enjoy the deals that Amazon provides, especially when you are a Prime member. There are some deals and discounts that only Amazon offers. You cannot find it on any other site. So, it’s very important to make your account if you want to enjoy the deals and discounts of Amazon.

Top 5 Reasons Why Amazon Account can get Locked?

1. Using Fake Information

The most common reason of account locking is using false information

Due to the misconception that Amazon does not allow drop-shipping, many people enter false information about themselves. Such as:-

  • Fake address
  • Unreal mobile no.
  • Fake name

Amazon detects hundreds of sellers who make the purchase with false information without any problem. But once they detect them they are out of luck.

Don’t hate Amazon for doing this. It’s their way of preventing potential fraud. They invest a lot of money in anti-fraud activities and technologies, as they are the biggest online retailer business in the world.

2. A Large Number Of Orders Placed By The New Account

The maximum number of orders you can make in a single day is 50. If you do more than this it will trigger the anti-fraud system. There is a possibility your account will lock if you make orders of more than 50 in a single day.

You can develop your account in the same way you do e-bay. In the starting, complete 5-10 orders in a single day then gradually increase it to 30-40 in a single day. The more orders you place from Amazon, the more security features you will enjoy.

3. Excessive Use Of Gift Cards

Gift cards are very popular among e-business online platforms as they offer great amounts of discount which automatically attracts the audience.

Nobody knows where these gift cards come from. Amazon can lock your account if you use excessive gift cards because Amazon wants people to avoid reselling their gift cards.

You can set up a prime account by purchasing these gift cards. Amazon doesn’t know who you are or what you want from them. Since the new account doesn’t have a history or placement of any order, they assume it is a scam, and they check it out as well.

4. Logging In Amazon From Different Places

The fraud people use different IP addresses to monitor the activity of Amazon. The whole system of Amazon triggers if this occurs. Your account will lock when it comes to notice that you are placing orders from different IP addresses. It will conclude to them that your account has been either hacked or stolen.

5. People Usually Return The Products 

In today’s generation, people order stuff from Amazon and they return it back just as time passes. You can return the stuff 5-6 times not more than that. Amazon locked your account when it sees that you are returning everything you ordered.

How To Recover Your Locked Account?

It may sound impossible for some users. Because when your account gets locked, you are banned for a lifetime from using that website. It is better to leave it the way it is and make a new account with proper information.

A customer account can lock temporarily or freeze without any explanation. After placing an order their account can lock because Amazon detects some suspicious activity.

The most common reason of account locking is that customer resets their password many times as they forgot their previous one. You should keep in mind that if the decision of locking your account lies with Amazon they can unlock or unfreeze your account as long as you try to resolve the issue.

1. Brief Your Amazon Account Documents

There are many documents you need to submit to create your account on Amazon. To resolve this problem you can upload the necessary documents to Amazon.

  • Don’t delete your last confirmation mail from Amazon of the product you purchased.
  • You can access your account by clicking on the mail they have sent.
  • If your account locked, the error message will appear and your order will be on hold.

2. You Can Contact Amazon Via Mobile

You can reach to them by other channels as well. But, calling them is the easiest and the quickest way

We will be contacting a customer service representative. As soon as you must contact the supervisor, they have the right to chat with the account specialist team which has the right to unlock the accounts in 5% of the cases.

If you call customer service, they will tell you that they are super busy and could not happen to you. It is very important for you to persist.

Your supervisor will directly contact you on the phone where you can explain to him where was your fault and now you have prepared all the necessary documents.

3. Mail The Problem To Amazon Support

If you don’t feel comfortable calling them, you can write the mail about the problems you are facing.

Why Did Your Amazon Account Get Suspended?

Your account can suspend due to some suspicious activity on your account or a change in location. Amazon’s artificial intelligence has been programmed to trigger by the following things:-

There are some countries that have been blacklisted from Amazon such as Nigeria, India, and China. You should not use gift cards for your own purchases. If you do so, your account will suspend.

If your address changes very commonly then also your account can suspend. The artificial intelligence of Amazon triggers that there is something scam or fraud.

You have the option of switching to a personal account or a business account. If they detect some suspicious activity from your business account they will lock your business account due to which your business will suffer loss.


  • It is very important not to change your IP address.
  • Don’t mix your personal account and your business account.
  • If you feel that you are facing some problems, contact the department as soon as possible.