The main power line from the national grid reaches your home via an electrical service panel. It is allocated across your electrical system to the lights, connectors, and appliances. The circuit breakers are present in the electrical panel. They serve to disconnect circuits in the case of a power surge. This prevents the surplus energy from burning your gadgets and devices.

However, if you have old and malfunctioning Electrical Panels they may lead to blackouts, electrical fires, electrocution, etc. To avoid these dangers, keep an eye out for signs. Here are some warning signs indicating when you may need new panels. 

Replace Electric Panels

Continually Tripping Circuit Breakers

When the service panel begins to deteriorate, it becomes more vulnerable to power surges. As a result, regular episodes of disconnected circuits may occur. Another reason the circuit breakers may be tripping is that your home’s electrical requirements exceed the panel’s current capacity.

Moreover, if you require electrical resetting several times per week when previously you only did once or twice a year, consider this a warning sign. That’s one sign where you know you need to make an appointment for proper inspection to Replace Electrical Panel from the electrician.

The Breakers aren’t going to reset

According to many individuals, resetting a circuit breaker solves the problem. You may have a faulty electrical panel if the breaker does not reboot long enough for you to regain your operations. Or if resetting it does not restore power to the application. You should have a professional residential electrician inspect it as soon as possible. Detecting the problem earlier can save you from costly repairs and above all, your time.

Electrical Fire Signs in the Panel

Everything degrades over time, including the wires in your electrical panel. These exposed wires burn out quickly, so you probably won’t even notice them unless you’re near to the panel. However, there should be some charring or burn marks around the circuit breakers, as well as a distinct odor coming from the panel. In case you notice these signs or a burning smell, consider contacting a professional as soon as possible. This sign indicates that you need emergency service.

You’re Still Using An Older Fuse Box, Right?

If you live in an older home with an obsolete electrical system that still uses a fuse box instead of a modern electrical panel with multiple circuit breakers, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Multiple outlets are connected to a single wire that is controlled by a single fuse or circuit breaker in a circuit. 

When the line linking the electric panel and your appliances become overloaded and at risk of heating up and burning, these devices trip and disconnect power transmission. Consequently, improving electrical safety. Many older electrical systems’ circuits do not trip, even though the voltage is high. This poses a potential risk to your home.

When you use other appliances, your lights dim or flicker

Cross interference, such as dimming lights when operating high-voltage appliances, can occur if your energy needs exceed what is available. Bear in mind that improving safety is one of the main reasons for upgrading the electrical system. That is why you need to learn more about voltages and luckily, we can now access such learning on the internet. Thanks to the sites like Bravo Electro that explain things about this.

Additionally, many older homes have only a few circuits that do not meet today’s high energy demands. As a result, upgrading your panel will resolve this issue. While also increasing the number of outlets and circuit breakers for better power maintenance. For your lighting repair always consider professional electricians.

Is it better to hire a professional or do it yourself?

Once you detect malfunctions in your electrical panel, it’s time to fix it. All the above warning signs can help you detect a problem at the earliest. But, should you do it yourself or call a professional? Well, contacting a professional is the best move that you can make. They have the relevant expertise and training to do so. Besides, ensure to inquire about their insurance and estimate costs of the project.


There are numerous reasons to consider upgrading your electrical service. However, many homes today require them. While this is something that many homeowners put off doing. With the help of the warning signs above, make sure to spot a potential issue in your electrical system. So you can update or replace it on time.