Remove Stubborn Stains

Whoever you are, chances are that you developed a fear of carpet stains in your early childhood. Now that you’re an adult yourself, you probably understand why mom yelled at you so much to be careful not to spill anything on the carpet. Many foods, drinks, and other substances we encounter every day, can leave hard-to-remove stains. If you’ve had enough headaches from trying to keep your carpet clean, follow the steps we listed for you in this article. 

The type of carpet makes the difference

Before you apply any cleaning agent to the stain, check out the label on the carpet. Some carpets are made of synthetic fibres, and some are made of natural materials. These carpets can tolerate different chemicals, and the methods of cleaning are slightly different too. With carpets made of nylon, polyester, or olefine, avoid pouring the cleaning solution directly onto the stain. Instead, pour it on a clean white cloth and dab it on the stain.

Never scrub, as it can spread the filth and make the stain bigger. Give the solution 15 minutes to break down the stain, and then blot it with a wet clean white cloth. Leave it to dry and repeat the process until the stain is gone. You can spray the cleaning solution onto carpets made of natural fibres, such as wool, cotton, or silk. Blot it with a dry white cloth, and then spray it with water. Dry everything by blotting it with a dry cloth. 

Not all stains are created equal

Some stains are more stubborn than others. This is especially true for wine, blueberries, chocolate, blood, etc. If you inherited or moved into a home where carpets already have a stain of unknown origin, your job is even harder. Older stains are much more difficult to clean, as opposed to popular belief. Knowing what material caused the stain is important for choosing the right cleaning agent for its removal. Materials can be either soluble in water or not.

For example, maybe you had an inconsiderate guest that didn’t take his shoes off and left a dirt trail on your carpet. Luckily for you, dirt is water-soluble. It can be cleaned by blotting with a wet cloth, and with some dish soap if needed. If your pet had a little accident on your precious carpet, you’re in for a challenge. Before anything, try to remove as much liquid or solids as fast as possible. Do it by blotting with a dry cloth or a paper towel. Then follow the instructions suitable for the type of carpet that you have. 

Try out homemade cleaning solutions

Let’s say you tried cleaning with water and dish soap, and it didn’t get you the wanted results. You want to resort to using some stronger stuff. For starters, try adding vinegar to your water and soap mix. It will boost the cleaning power, but mainly on water-soluble stains. If you’re dealing with seemingly undefeatable greasy stains, sprinkle it with some baking soda. Then spray it with a mix of vinegar, water, and dish soap, and let it sit. Vinegar foams when it comes in contact with baking soda, and this attacks the stain better.

Once it’s dried up, break the remains and vacuum them. There are some other solutions to consider. For example, a mix of a tablespoon of ammonia and half a cup of water works well on natural fibre carpets. Another one is a non-acetonic nail polish remover, which works on both natural and synthetic carpets. If none of these work, go with the cleaning agents from the store. Just make sure to test them out first on another hidden part of the carpet. Unfortunately, almost every surface in your house, not just carpets, can easily get stained. Check out these 5 DIY natural home cleaning products that will assure that every part of your home shines again. 

Call the professionals 

What can I say, admitting defeat to a carpet stain is rough. It’s okay, you tried your best and failed, it happens. It’s perfectly fine to involve the professionals when all else fails, although it’s going to cost you more. Nevertheless, your carpet will be stain-free again. It’s easy to find a great professional carpet cleaning in Perth. If you don’t live nearby, check out the carpet cleaning businesses in your area. They have the right tools to deal with any kind of persistent stains. Not only that, but they will also give your carpet a renewed look. After all, it is considerably cheaper than throwing the whole carpet away and getting a new one. 

Whether you have kids, pets, or you’re just clumsy, your carpet will get stained with something. It’s a normal part of everyday living and moving through the house. You just can’t keep everything under control all the time. Whether it’s markers, juice, coffee, or even urine, it’s important not to panic or lash out. Remain calm and try to clean the mess before it gets soaked in and dried up. Don’t give up on your soft, cozy, colourful floor cover. Be careful, though, not to damage the carpet in the process, or make the stains even worse. We hope these tips will work for you, and that you won’t need them often. 

By Punit