Relaxation Corner

Self-care is essential for a happy and healthy life. One of the most important parts of self-care is spending time on your own. It is important unwinding and enjoying all the relaxing you need to feel recharged. If you used to go to a spa and had all your worries go away with a nice foot massage and a facial, now you can have the best spa-like feel in your home. How, you wonder? With a few simple hacks, you can easily transform a corner of your home into a true oasis of relaxation. 

1. Get a comfy seat

First and foremost, you must be comfortable. The best way to achieve that is to invest in super cosy furniture. A big soft fluffy armchair will give good support to both your back. Your neck is an absolute must. To make sure your feet are not suffering either, feel free to invest in a matching ottoman. Let your legs enjoy the spa time as much as the rest of your body. Make sure you go for a sofa that’s lined with soft fabrics. It will feel good against your skin and improve relaxation. 

2. Add elements from nature

The best way to create a healthy environment is to add lush greenery to your spa nook. You’ll have the most tranquil setting in all the home with only a few simple touches from nature. Feel free to display potted plants on the floor or the window next to you. Hanging plants are also a nice touch if you have them hanging from the ceiling. Not only will they create a camping ambience, but brings in colour, personality, and energy too. From Aloe Vera to Begonia, Boston Fern, Dieffenbachia and Dracaena, there’s a full spectrum that will make your home feel like a true Zen oasis. 

3. Surround yourself with calming scents

Have you ever paid attention to all the soothing scents that start surrounding you the moment you enter a spa? Pleasant relaxing aromas of scented candles will allow you to enjoy every second of your pampering treatment. Some of the smells that will contribute to an overall spa-like ambience include lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, fresh mint, ylang-ylang, vanilla, rose petals, neroli, and tea tree. If there’s a certain flower scent you enjoy, feel free to have a vase as a part of the decor and fill it with your favourite plant. Scented candles or diffusers featuring all the scents we’ve mentioned will be a wonderful addition to your spa corner.

4. Make your feet cozy and warm

The relaxation corner wouldn’t be so tempting without a plush rug. Remember how every time you’d enter a spa you’d feel all warm and cosy? That’s because soft towels, bathrobes and the entire interior are designed to offer the most tranquil and pleasant ambience. Therefore, it would be a good idea to put an earthy coloured rug with touches of blush, beige or off-white in your little relaxation nook. Go for soft materials so that it would feel incredibly pleasant and comfortable as you walk over it barefoot and feel all of your worries go away. 

Aside from a poofy rug, your feet also deserve some real spa-like pampering. To melt all your worries and stress away, get yourself a state-of-the-art foot and calf massager that will make your feet feel light as a feather. Nothing will feel better than a foot massage at your own home as you unwind in your comfy armchair and enjoy the scented candle’s aromas.

5. Side table for all the essentials

If you plan to give yourself a full facial treatment, and maybe do your nails while you’re at it, you’ll need a table to put all of the essentials and tools on it. Having everything within arm’s reach will make the entire spa feel much more genuine. Not having to get up and pick up a nail file, or a face cloth will make you feel relaxed from the beginning of the treatment till the very end.

6. Softness for the utmost peace

Nothing says spa-like a sumptuous towel in combination with luxurious robes and fluffy slippers. To add to an entire Zen-like feel, you can add a towel warmer and have the soothing warmth every time you start your at-home spa treatment. Make room for a towel basket or a crate where you’ll fold all the towels nicely and have them on display. Turkish and Egyptian cotton will feel amazing against your skin and absorb all the moisture nicely without leaving your skin damp or too dry. 

7. Choose a spa-like colour palette

Colours are a crucial factor in achieving a calming ambience in your home spa. That’s why you should consider filling it with soft muted hues. Colours like mauve, dusty pink and light grey combine flawlessly and together create a stunningly calming interior. On the other hand, dark green, beige, white and brown will also be a perfect combination. Choose colours that speak to you and look the most tranquil to you. 

8. No electronics allowed

Aside from all the decor details, one essential aspect of a spa corner is that there are no electronic communication devices around. No phones, tablets, iPads, laptops or any other devices of a sort should be allowed in the spa. It is a place of deep relaxation, and with you scrolling through emails and social media you won’t get all the deserved calmness. Spa time should be the time that you’ll dedicate solely to reconnecting to your inner self and unplugging completely. Therefore, turn off your phone, and only allow the notes of the soothing spa-like music to play. 

Final thoughts

Creating a relaxation corner in your home has never been easier. With only a few easy modifications you’ll turn a corner of your home into a genuine mini spa that you’ll enjoy whenever you feel like it. Make sure you have all the calming scents, cosy furniture and surround yourself with soothing scents and colours to make every home treatment look like an authentic trip to your favourite spa.