Every year brings newer directions and visions to follow. Let’s take a look at the talent management trends for this year!

  • A Great War for talent-It’s a no-brainer that better talent is worth fighting for! But finding and keeping the best talent is going to be a lot more difficult now! According to several HR surveys, big companies are now facing a scarcity of talented workforce, and it has become tough to even retain them. There’s a severe shortage of the talented people who are required to run critical divisions. This shows that organizations are about to get engaged in a war for talent, even though most of them are ill-prepared! To win the war, one must elevate the HR and talent management. After that, an employee value proposition has to be created and this could be the answer to why any talented professional should even bother to join you! To recruit the great talent, the HR and talent management has to develop continuously.
  • Data-Driven HR and Talent Management-To bring the high business impact, talent management has to add analytic capabilities too! But before that, one has to understand its deeper benefits. Shifting to data-driven talent management will allow the functions to evaluate and elevate the business impacts. When everything is being digitized, it clearly impacts the strategic goals of the company’s business. Adding analytics would increase the productivity of the employee. This would also help in hiring better talent to increase efficiency. Agility is now much more important if businesses want to succeed. Here, analytics can help tremendously to improve the training procedures to increase the adaptability of the employee.
  • Talent-Building Managers-Having the right team is crucial for the organizational success. But how to have a high-performing talent in place? Well, it is the company’s priority to get the right people to the right seats. Having the wrong people in the certain roles can really cost you a lot of the critical resources. You’ll have to constantly review and restore the work that they will be doing. This year, we will see organizations getting engaged in building the manager’s potentials. There’ll be a strong focus to implement the talent-building activities to drive better performance. Talent-building managers will be developed via a practical approach!
  •  Performance Consulting-Over the years, performance enhancement has become one of the major areas for many organizations. It is crucial to maintain a competitive edge and the C-Suite leaders are investing heavily in performance consulting. But what makes it so important? This process called Performance Consulting creates effective results just by enhancing the performance of the workforce. The aim of performance consulting is to understand the visions of the organization, and make it happen via improving the overall performance. The systematic and performance-focused approach of performance consulting has helped several organizations over the years! To achieve sustainable result, performance consulting is crucial. It is a strategic, not a tactical process.
  • Innovation-The HR and talent management team are generally focused on the existing talent definitions, but one size doesn’t fits all! Maybe your current talent definitions is only applicable for a small group of talent! This year, we will see a lot companies to implement a more inclusive interpretation of talent than having a more traditional concept! Organizations need to redefine their system and become more innovative to have more dynamic talents!
  •    Trusting Your Talent-Companies should leave the responsibility for the growth of the talents to themselves, while nurturing and supporting them to move forward! Employees should be given enough trust! A sense of ownership is very important for the best talent in your organization. This is one of the building blocks of the modern talent management.