Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own food comes with so many great benefits. It is a simple solution for so many things like saving the environment, salving many health issues. No matter if you are planting a whole garden or one single plant, you are creating many health and environmental benefits. 

1. The Food Is More Nutritious

When you are growing your own food you will make your diet healthier and packed with important things like vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. That is because food when it is in its freshest state, it’s the most nutritious as well as the tastiest. Most produce that is sold in the markets goes through a lot of things before it gets distributed to the stores. Once the product has reached its final destination it can end up staying on the shelves or in the storage before purchase and that is where it will lose most of its nutritional value. 

2. You, Will, Get Vitamin D

If you are lacking vitamin D, gardening will help you absorb the sunshine vitamin. This vitamin plays an important part in maintaining your teen and bones healthy and it will protect your body against many diseases. By being outside and being active in the sun while you are planting your food you will become healthier.

3. It Will Save You Money

By growing your own food you will save quite a large amount of money. All you will need to spend is a couple of dollars for the seeds that you want to plant that will produce you pounds of food that would cost you even hundreds of dollars if you bought it from the store. There are many inexpensive ways to create a garden. You can do so by using the vertical garden or the hydroponic system which will make the gardening process much easier.

4. It Is Much Better for the Environment

The food that you buy from supermarkets is brought by different transportation that produce fossil fuels that harm the environment. By growing your own food you are helping reduce the amount of the harm that is done to the environment. On top of that when you are growing your own food you are not using pesticides and chemicals that are harmful both to you and the environment. 

5. You Control What Goes In Your Food

If you want to consume organic food, it is much better and cheaper to plant it yourself than to buy it from a store. It is better because when you are growing your own food because you are choosing what fertilizer and pest control measures you will take and how you will enrich your soil. 

6. Gardening is Good for Your Body

If you are not the biggest fan of working out, by plating and doing maintenance in the garden you are still burning calories like you are working out. The act of gardening will help you release tension, relieve stress as well as boost your energy levels. It will help your overall health because you are spending time outside in the fresh air.

7. Gardening Challenges Will Provide You with Learning Experiences

If you are someone who likes to learn, having your own garden will let you gain new experiences and constantly learn new things. It will present new challenges. You can learn how to breed the plants and all the different ways to preserve your harvest.  

8. You, Will, Get to Experience the joy in Sharing the Bounty

When you are bringing your own food sometimes your harvest will be too large for you to consume it in time. So instead of throwing it away, you will want to share with someone who will appreciate fresh produce. Sharing your homegrown food will warm your heart and make you proud of your fruits and vegetables. 

9. Fresh Home-grown Food Will Taste Better

There is nothing more amazing than the taste of vegetables and fruits that you have growing in your garden. It is not only because they are yours. But it is because it is completely organic and grown with love in the best conditions possible. Another great factor is how fresh your food will be. No matter how fresh the markets tell you that their product is. The fruits and vegetables that you can eat straight from your garden will taste completely different because it is so fresh. 

Although growing your own food will not salve the injustice it will help you to reconnect with the food sources. By growing your own food you are inducing sustainability to your life. It will help you stay healthy as well as providing you with the great pleasure of bringing something to life. This will make you take care of something until it’s fully grown. It is important that you know that you don’t need to have a yard to grow your own food. You can do it in your apartment as well as your balcony. You just need to find food that can grow in your conditions. 

By kamlesh