Security measures have become an essential part of our digital lives in today’s world of increasing cyberattacks. ProtonMail is one of the companies that aims to provide secure communication via encrypted email.

However, convenience and accessibility are just as essential as security when it comes to these services. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can use your native email client on your OS, but not everyone does. The bridge is a desktop application created by ProtonMail that allows users to access all messages from their local email clients.

What is the ProtonMail Bridge?

What is Protonmail? It’s not a brand-new desktop email client from the ground up. A desktop client like Thunderbird, Outlook, or another IMAP/SMTP-compatible program can now use ProtonMail with the help of ProtonMail Bridge.

The Proton Bridge combines ProtonMail’s strong privacy and security features, such as zero-access encryption and end-to-end encryption, with the Thunderbird desktop email client.

In the beginning, the ProtonMail Bridge wasn’t open source. Although it used to be a closed source, it is now available on GitHub as open-source software, as stated in the company’s announcement.

Encrypted emails can now be used offline as well. Transferring emails between ProtonMail accounts or from other email providers to the ProtonMail app is also made simple in this manner.

Thunderbird is a popular email client for Linux, and ProtonMail Bridge includes special optimizations for Thunderbird.

On Linux, how do I get and use the ProtonMail Bridge?

PGKBUILD,.deb, and. rpm are all available on Linux for the ProtonMail Bridge for Protonmail login. That covers a wide range of Linux distros. ‘

To get your hands on a copy, go to the product’s official website.

Installing the software is as simple as downloading it and following the well-documented set-up instructions.

Mail Features


ProtonCalendar employs zero-knowledge encryption to protect user data. Many details about your events and participants can be safely stored in the ProtonCalendar thanks to its encryption.

In addition to calendar sync, ProtonCalendar allows anyone to be invited to an event, regardless of whether they are ProtonMail users. ProtonCalendar can be accessed from a smartphone.

As soon as the ProtonCalendar is started, you can import other events, which is helpful if you have many repeating ones, such as regular weekly meetings or milestone birthdays.

All ProtonMail users can access the calendar, but those who pay for a premium plan have access to additional features, such as sharing calendar items outside of the platform.

Bridge for proton mail

You can use the ProtonMail Bridge feature to encrypt all emails that leave and enter your computer for a fee. You can integrate your preferred email service with ProtonMail after installing and configuring ProtonMail Bridge.

In addition to Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook

The bridge runs in the background and encrypts and decrypts your emails as they travel across the internet.

Connecting with people who don’t use ProtonMail

With ProtonMail, you can send encrypted emails to people who don’t use the ProtonMail service themselves.

The recipient of your message must be aware of the secret passphrase you’ve established with someone else outside of the system. Encrypted messages expire after 28 days, but you can set a shorter expiration date if you prefer.

Secure links that can only be accessed with the recipient’s passphrase are sent to the recipient. ProtonMail works best when the password is shared outside of the service.

Consider using the ProtonMail app for secure messaging

It is possible to send unencrypted messages like regular mail to Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.


With this feature, you can store your files safely online. It ensures complete privacy from outsiders. The beta version of ProtonDrive is currently available.

A free 5GB of storage space is available on ProtonDrive. Nevertheless, you can purchase additional storage space for $1 gigabyte per month.

By creating a link, you can share files that you upload to ProtonDrive. The shared link must be protected with a password.

Otherwise, anyone with a web browser can access your files and download them. Disabling the link will stop it from being shared.

A 90-day expiration date can also be set as an option.

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Designs and themes range widely

When ProtonMail first launched, there was only one design option. A complete overhaul of the user interface (UI) had recently been completed, a task that could not be altered when the product was first released.

New templates for themes in the current version mean that you can now choose the music that best suits you.

In addition, ProtonMail gives you the ability to customize the layout of your email. Everything from icon size to composition and inboxes is affected by this layout.

In addition, the layouts can be rearranged at will. We’ve made it easy for you to customize your Gmail replica.

With the enhancements to the user interface, ProtonMail has emerged as the most user-friendly and customizable secure email service available.

Filters that are activated on demand

ProtonMail, in contrast to other secure email providers, has completely redesigned its search functionality. For example, you can see if a message you sent has been read by checking whether or not it was sent using ProtonMail’s search function.

Other secure email providers do not have this feature, so it is more convenient.

It’s important to note that email messages are encrypted with zero-knowledge encryption before being sent and stored on the server. In addition, they cannot be indexed and thus cannot be accessed via search engines.

ProtonVPN for Free

One of the best VPNs on the market is included in ProtonMail’s service for free when you sign up. This virtual private network (VPN) will enhance your online security and privacy.

Because ProtonVPN uses its servers to mask your IP address, your online identity is kept private.

Using ProtonMail and ProtonVPN, you can remain anonymous when sending emails and browsing the web. As a result of this collaboration, ProtonMail is the most secure email service available.

Messages that self-destruct

When sending emails from your ProtonMail account, you can specify an optional expiry time. Expired emails are what we call them.

Your email will be automatically deleted from the recipient’s inbox at a predetermined time after you send it.

This feature is available to both ProtonMail users and those who use other email services. Messages will be deleted when the time limit has passed, just like Snapchat does.


Protonmail vs Gmail. With ProtonMail, you can rest easy knowing that your emails can only be read by you and the person you’re emailing, making it a safe and secure way to communicate.

By Punit