The Most Popular Kitchen Trends Revealed

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Popular Kitchen Trends

It is safe to say that we have all used our homes, and our kitchens, a lot more than ever before this year, with us being forced to stay at home to protect ourselves and our families from COVID-19. No part of the world has been left untouched by the pandemic, and it has even had an influence on the current kitchen design trends we will continue to see throughout year. 

With us all spending more time at home, there has been an increase in home improvement projects, and one of the most popular projects homeowners have undertaken is kitchen renovations.

So, if you are stuck at home looking for a new project to keep you busy, then read on to find out the most popular kitchen trends, along with some tips on where to source the best materials.  

The impact of COVID-19 on our kitchens 

Our kitchens have really been used to the maximum in the last twelve months, with them not only being a space to cook and eat food, but also having to act as a home working office, school classroom, and social hangout space. This impact on how we use our kitchens has also influenced the changes we would like to make to them when doing future renovations. 

With many of our children being forced to learn from home, the kitchen has even become a classroom! Many parents are finding it easier to set up workstations on the breakfast bar along with snacks to get the kids interested in doing their work!

The classic kitchen comeback 

New research carried out by kitchen retailer Magnet has found that families are turning away from sleek and modern kitchens, in favour of a more traditional look. They found that 51 percent of homeowners would go for a classic farmhouse style kitchen, instead of a more modern design. This highlights that people are turning to the more retro and traditional forms of interior design for their homes, so they can benefit from a cosy and comfortable environment while spending more time indoors. 

With us all spending more time at home, and with restaurants and pubs shut down across the country, more of us are having to cook every meal from home. Meaning that the more minimalistic styled kitchens are being replaced by lived-in and more convenient alternatives. 

If you like the idea of returning your kitchen to its former glory days by creating a more retro vibe, you can use Magnet’s retro kitchen quiz to help put together the perfect recommended kitchen that suits you. From retro kitchen cabinets to retro floor tiles, the options are endless when it comes to creating the perfect retro kitchen!

Walk-in larder 

While they were once seen as outdated and unfashionable, this dramatic move towards old-style kitchens has caused a surge in popularity for walk-in larders. These have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners as they provide a considerable amount of storage space, but are concealed enough to keep the place looking clean and tidy. The queen of cooking, Nigella herself has also helped the comeback of the walk-in larder as viewers of her recent BBC cook show, Cook Eat Repeat, saw the walk-in larder she has in her own kitchen. Well, if Nigella has one then who are we to question this new trend? 

Service Hatch 

While a service hatch might remind you of your grandparents house, they are also making a comeback at the moment, with more being featured in kitchen renovations. We have such fond memories of spending Sunday afternoons with the grandparents whilst they delivered a roast through the service hatch!

Even celebrities are including service hatches in their own new kitchens, including Mrs. Hinch! Let’s face it, a service hatch can come in handy when you’ve got all the family at home to feed. 

The way we use our homes has changed dramatically over the last year, and this is reflected in the different kitchen trends that are making a comeback. With these classic trends coming back into fashion, which features will you introduce into your next kitchen? I think our favourite definitely has to be the retro kitchen trend! We just love the idea of bringing those retro classics back into the kitchen!