Business Directory Listing

Your customers are ready to connect but how will they find you?

No doubt the internet lets you reach millions of people around the globe. But have you ever thought about how your business can dominate the b2b lead generation in its local domain and that too for free?

B2b prospecting or b2c prospecting is what businesses think about a day in and out. Every business which has grown started by dominating the town, city, state, and country they were located in. everyone from consumer to seller everyone is the consumer of the internet today. One must avail of this opportunity to get more leads into their business.

The very first thing one must do is to get into the business directory list which is the first free tool for b2b prospecting. Fortunately, you are blessed to have so many platforms to get involved in and take benefit. The first thing is to go for business directory listing and use social media as a b2b prospecting tool

Traits of local listing

A local business directory listing helps you get more visibility and on-page optimization. By keeping updates you can get more genuine traffic, rank higher, and get to generate more leads. The purpose of the listing is clear and specific and direct. It becomes for you to get the right information on websites because,

  • Monthly 3 billion search queries result in local terms.
  • And, 75% of the search online is done to find offline businesses nearby.
  • 40% of google search is for local information.
  • 15% of potential customers can be located via a business directory listing.
  • It is a free tool to get b2b leads and more leads by just being active.

Details to include

As the purpose and importance of business listing are clear, let’s head on to the details that must be included in your business directory listing to get your leads right on to your website.

  • Name of the company, make sure every site has the same name and with the same logo. It builds authenticity.
  • Phone number, keep a phone number that is active and there is a team or a person to handle the calls.
  • Address, it is a must as one will try to reach your office. Alternatively, it gives trust in your existence.  
  • Add your website link so they can visit your site and fill up the pop form. It helps you get their email address and you can follow up.
  • Company’s description. Give a detailed description of your business that should reflect your business vision, motto, and values.
  • Add information about the company’s number of employees, daily working hours, and holidays.
  • Multimedia. Never lose an opportunity to showcase your company’s culture, events organization, and achievements. If possible add a video link.
  • Be responsive to the review that customers post and get references about the needs and demands of customers. It also helps in b2b lead generation.

Anyone searching for a company online or offline will be impressed as you keep your business directory list updated. It speaks about your service and responsible ownership. There are many local specific or industry-specific websites to get listed. One only has to know the niche and type of customers they are looking for, winning a customer on the business directory list is not difficult but is quite engaging.

Google My Business

A free business profile that lets you connect with your potential leads. It is your B2b prospecting tool first step. Post pictures or of product launches, respond to reviews and edit your business profile at regular intervals. 

The best free website to help you build your business and engage customers. You can encourage customers by responding to their reviews. It helps you present professionally and provide better traffic. Google has announced a 57% search happening every day for offline local businesses.


Every social media platform has a different purpose. Facebook initially was for community building on the internet from every corner but today, it has helped many businesses grow and flourish. 

You can fill your business page with filling up the same information as posted for other websites. You can use your profile for link building. Here the advantage is to select the niche and potential customers. Add people who you think will be perfect for your businesses. Share posts of product launch and events.

LinkedIn Company Directory

LinkedIn Company Directory is to make b2b prospecting convenient and easy. It helps you find potential customers and make your business directory listing strong. This can get you referrals, leads, and partners for business investments.

It is a professional platform to build your business directory listing. One of the most successful b2b prospecting tools for lead generation.

Other sites which are also a great platform for business directory listing and getting the lead generation for local and international business are,

  • Bing
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Foursquare
  • MapQuest
  • Hubspot, the most acknowledged platform for digital marketing and lead b2b lead generating strategies.
  • Yahoo! Local
  • Manta
  • Merchant Circle
  • Zomato
  • Apple maps and so on.

The strategy one must use on these platforms is to get visibility, strong and potential leads for flourishing business through the business directory is to do the same as other businesses do to optimize their on-page optimization and grow their customers.

1. Content

Investing in content is essential today for link building. The better content you put forward with a geographical search phrase, you get notified of the search engine results pages. 

Share customer stories, case studies, or content about the product and its benefit. Educate people and they consider you before making any purchase.

2. Complimentary local services

Anyone cannot grow alone. Your business will grow only if you truly support local people’s services. Go vocal for locals and write about anyone who serves the same as you as in providing services. 

3. SEO content

Keep focusing on the keywords but write content is consumed every day by the customers. Search for FAQs from your Google My Business or other sites to get help about the topics. Invest in research before posting and shoot with targeting potential customers. 

4. Add Menu or Book an Appointment/demo

The primary key benefit of adding this bar here is to get your b2b customers directly in touch with you. They can call you to see if there is a free demo given. The purpose of b2b prospecting tools is to get the b2b leads for a demo or appointment to see if they can be your potential customer and converted into a lead. 

Adding a bar which does the same on the different platforms will enhance your profile and get b2b lead generation activity free and more easily. It helps you understand that the person is also interested in your services.

5. Add services delivered

If you are a local business owner and have an option for home delivery tell your customers about the transport or delivery option you choose, how many days it takes approx.

You can also share the payment options available from your end.

6. Mobile optimization

80% of local business searches happen on mobile. Ensure that every content and information available is available and easily accessible on their mobile. Finding direction, contact information, or looking for reviews should be available on their mobile.

7. Local news

Do not be a newspaper seller but share local industry news. News as in what’s happening in your community. Even if that doesn’t directly connect to your business, feed your leads with information. Be their trust owner


Hopefully, you have received a full grasp of b2b lead generation from the business directories listing and now will consider using the tips given.

Make sure you appear on every site and keep updating as it is your resume for the prospects coming in search of you. 

Local marketing is not difficult but needs a little up-gradation and the first step is to find additional a local listing as soon as you can. Get visible and make a smart move.