online business ideas

If you are searching for online business ideas to start without much investment then you have come to the right place. In this article, you are going to learn 5 online business ideas to start right from your home. As you know, that after this pandemic mostly all kinds of businesses are going online.

But how can we start?

Don’t worry, I’m not only going to tell you the ideas but also how can can you start it from scratch. Further, if you want to know more online business ideas you can learn from “My Business Route“.

So, let’s learn some popular business ideas.

1. E-Commerce Business

The Indian E-Commerce business market is expected to grow to US$ 200 billion by 2026, so you can visualize how it is growing day-by-day.

There is a huge opportunity in this field and it is going to grow for at least 10 years. The best way to grow any e-commerce business is start from a niche segment. Because by choosing a niche segment you are going ahead of competition. As there are lots of platforms like Amazon and Flipkart are already big players in the field of e-commerce. So, if you are planning to start any kind of online business you should start with very niche products. For e.g, if you’re selling clothes then start with only T-shirts and then scale it with other products.

There are so many platforms like Shopify,, WooCommerce where you can make your own online store from scratch. And, after you’ve built your Shopify or eCommerce store, it’s time to incorporate an engaging wheel spin game for your visitors to play and win a discount coupon code, with which they can shop online in your store, thus increasing sales. You can take the help of a leading online store conversion expert like “Tada” which helps in such gamified apps & full-screen popup integration.

Shopify provides you a free 14-day trial and after that it charges $29/month but its really worth if you wanna grow in the long run.

2. Sell Online Courses

Ed-tech businesses are on the boom, so it’s a great opportunity if you want to sell courses online. But before starting this business, you need to be an expert in any particular field because there are so many people already who brag to be an expert but actually, they are not. So, be honest with your work whatever you’re doing then only you can achieve success. Selling Online Courses are very growing field because you can scale it at any level.

Therefore, you will also see huge competition in this business in the upcoming years. But do not worry! Large competition means lots of money. Because everyone wants to go there where the money is.

3. Social Media Manager or SMM

Today, everyone is at least on one social media platform. And businesses just love to market their products where the maximum number of eyes are. You can become a Social Media Manager, but yes this job also requires a good profile as anybody can’t hire you without having any a decent profile. There are lots of social media platforms to start your work right away. You can choose one at a time. For e.g. If you love Instagram, you can start making your profile by creating a business profile and posting quality content.

When people start to see that you are doing hard work on your profile, people will automatically come and ask you to manage their profiles. In this way, you can get your first client and likewise you can do for other social media platforms as well.

4. Blogging

This job might sounds boring but there are thousands of examples already available that people are making lots of money out of it. You can also learn some creative ideas for blogging from here. Blogging is an amazing field if you do it properly. There are two things that are very important in blogging. The first one is Search Engine Optimization and the second thing is Copywriting. And the good news is there so many articles already here on internet where you can learn these two skills.

I trust on Neil Patel’s and Brian Dean blogs for learning Search Engine Optimization. For Copywriting, I recommend Dan Lok, as he’s an expert in that. Moving ahead, you can make money through Ad sense and later you can also do Affiliate Marketing.

5. YouTube Channel

Who doesn’t want fame and recognition? YouTube is the only platform where you can not only become popular but also you can make money. Video making is also a skill which you have to develop by the time. People are already making over $5000/month by only making videos on YouTube. YouTube requires hard work and most important patience. But yes, if you are ready, then this would a golden opportunity for you.


So, hope this article would be helpful in finding out some great business ideas. Just pick one, start working upon it.

By Nancy