Know The Popular National Dishes Of All Asian Countries

National Dishes Of Asian Countries

An extensive list of national dishes from around the world is the cultural identity of that country. A country is famous for its dishes. The way they are presented, the way they are famous and people even the foreigners visit different countries and taste the meals with amazing taste. For example, India is known for its spicy dishes and the thing is most important that dishes are a part of our culture and even our life.

If we talk about the food, we all love to eat in and outside and if we travel around the country with lots of fun and everything but still there we need food and for that, we search for the famous dish of that country so that we can explore that which is the taste that is famous in many countries. So let’s see what those desserts and dishes are and how are they currently made properly. The dishes that are used to impress everyone and the dishes are the only things that the whole nation is famous for. It involves many hands, many cultures and it also reflects the culture of the people. 

Let’s see what are those dishes and how are they done and how are they famous for.

1.) National Dish of China – Peking duck

China as the name suggests is all made up of different things and the Chinese culture well. The national dish of China is peking duck and has been made even from millions of times in the century. It is very well known for its crispy skin and beautiful caramel color. This dish takes a few days to be prepared. Yes, it is worth it because of the ritual of serving this delicacy to all the guests and is made for a very special person. It is also served with crispy skin and meat like pancakes with some onions, cucumbers, and sauce. 

2.) National Dish of India – Khichdi

When we talk about India as beautiful as the culture of people and the most beautiful their food selection and the fragrance that is used and it’s served in the best culinary tradition All Around The World well. The national dish of India is Khichdi, due to various things and various identity many districts are available in India in terms of spices and everything but still since last year The Khichdi is considered as the most famous national dish of India because the Khichdi is the ritual of Indian even the Khichdi Full Of Spices richly and even simple Khichdi. 

3.) National Dish of Indonesia – Nasi Goreng

Talking about Indonesia is full of fun and adventurous places to visit but not only its Adventures but also its dishes are so famous. There are millions of dishes that are prepared in Indonesia and they are so tasty and yummy that people never miss that. The national dish of Indonesia is Nasi goreng. It is considered in Indonesia as a national dish and is taken on Asian fried rice which is made up of Suite 100 resource that is known as Kaeser which is also known as cash ketchup and then it is also served with pickled cucumber and carrot.

4.) National Dish of Pakistan – Nihari

Pakistan is full of adventurous things and everything. Pakistan is also known for its never-giving-up attitude on God but the food that is available in Pakistan is so yummy and tasty that you want to eat it again and again. While the national dish of Pakistan is Nihari this also cannot be corrected in Arabian dishes that are most popular in Punjab and Sind and is also in larger cities for the people they can afford it completely.

It is kind of biryani and it is so yummy and so tasty that it is qualified as the national dish of Pakistan. It also has so many different things available on it done with the spiciness and with the perfect touch of lemon. 

5.) National Dish of Bangladesh – Ilish macher paturi

Well if you talk about Bangladesh, one of the most beautiful countries and so beautiful. The national dish of Bangladesh is Ilish macher puri because the ilish fish is that has been marinated with the ground spices before it is wrapped in the banana leaves and it is steamed and roasted then the ingredients are placed so beautifully that includes mustard paste, Chili Peppers, turmeric and mustard oil that makes that fish so good that it will be delicious

6.) National Dish of Japan – Oyakata


Well, Japan is known for its famous ethics and rituals and the national dish of Japan is oyakata which is a curry with rice and the curry is made so beautifully that it has different spices all over it and with some rise it makes the Perfect Combination to eat. The Japanese people usually serve it with soap and different vegetables to make it perfect for dinner well, this curry with rice is usually prepared when something special comes or something special is there because they believe that they can only do it while there is something special and therefore makes it the best thing for upcoming days. You can explore Sugoi Mart to find best Japanese products.

7.) National Dish of Philippines – Adobo

The Philippines is also famous for its food and the national dish of the Philippines is Adobo. It is the most popular Filipino dish and is considered an official dish by many other national dishes. It is usually a chicken or pork that is steeped or breast and a source and is made from vinegar, cooking oils, garlic bay leaf, peppercorns, and soya sauce by using these all items on the chicken with the gravy and everything it makes a perfect and delicious food for the people that are usually served in a party or an occasion and even people love it so much that they used to this dish.

8.) National Dish of Thailand – Pad Thai

Thailand is famous for its dishes and the national dish of Thailand is Pad Thai. It is a national dish of Thailand that has some food vendors and fork or chicken with not its original recipe. It is made from different Rice and Chinese meet these original recipes are made through different things. They are loved by all the people around the world.

9.) National Dish of Vietnam – Pho

Vietnam is the most famous country that is famous for its adventures and beautiful cities but do you know what is the famous dish of Vietnam? Vietnam is famous for its Dish that the national dish of Vietnam is Pho, which is already sold everywhere in the nice restaurants to the street corners where grandmothers also so take it well in this version. All the components like noodles, beef brisket growth, Herbs are separated very beautifully and this is the most beautiful dish that you will ever see.

10.) National Dish of Iran – Chelo Kabab

The national dish of Iran is Chelo Kabab. It is Iran’s famous dish that is served with fried rice or bread and the dish of chiller white rice with dabav is called chailok above that is also known as the national dish. It is also served with some yellow rice and pickles that’s why it is a Chilly dish. Sometimes it is served with some soup and everything with some fruits as well this makes this dish a perfect for the festival.

11.) National Dish of Turkey – Döner kebap

Well if we talk about Turkey the national dish of Turkey is Döner Kebap. It is roasting and grilling that produces the different kebabs and the cost of the workmen’s favorite. This dish is also famous for its very old culture since the ancient times and in the times and the history started this dish was so famous among the people that people used to make it at home whenever they feel like it.

12.) National Dish of Myanmar – Mohinga Rice Noodles 

Myanmar is also famous by its name. The national dish of Myanmar is mohinga rice noodles. It is a very hearty and herbal fish and shallots-based protein. This is also the national dish and brown rice noodles are served in a hearty broth and are open supplementary with the Trichy taste of the banana tree. It sounds so soothing and so tasty that people from other countries love to eat these noodles with these noodles.

13.) National Dish of South Korea – Kimchi


As the name suggests South Korea is the most famous for its dishes and if we talk about the spicy, the national dish of South Korea is kimchi. It is a kind of special dish that is in this supermarket and everything and it is basically on rice and vegetables and on South meat this dish is famous for its mixing with the veg and non-veg and is transformed into the most beautiful tasty and delightful dish.

14.) National Dish of Saudi Arabia – Kabsa


The national dish of Saudi Arabia is Kabsa. It is the most popular traditional and Arabic dish that is most famous in the Saudi Arabian is widely used across the country from Jeddah to Riyadh and it is a simple dish at fine dining restaurants and the food court. It is made of a chicken in which the rice pulls the spread so beautifully with some penas and with some sources and Chili and soya sauce even it is sometimes placed with the soup and it’s so beautifully decorated and served.

15.) National Dish of Afghanistan – Kabuli Pulao

The national dish of Afghanistan is Kabuli Pulao, well if we talk about the condition for. It is the part of Pakistan only and the most favorite dish of Afghanistan is the Kabuli pulao. Kabuli pulao is a kind of biryani that is made with noodles and some spicy dishes that make it so tasty and beautiful even with the outer layer of the source and sometimes with the curry it is eaten. 

16.) National Dish of Uzbekistan – Palov

The national dish of Uzbekistan is a Palov. It is a signature dish that means Palov is a typical course meal that is done with the Rise pieces of meat great its characters and different onions it is usually cooked in the fire with chickpeas raisins and their bodies and also if we talk about the fruit and the various additions. This is so beautiful and served even in the various countries that people love to eat it. It was based on is so famous for its fruits and pull off the tasty pulao is even often served with the curry rise everything with this makes it so tasty.

17.) National Dish of Iraq – Masgouf

If you talk about Iraq, the national dish of Iraq is Masgouf. It is the Iraqi dish that is actually a slow-grilled fish famous for the Iraqi way of gradients it stands sideways and it is also taken in the Flames and smoke from the sides. So basically must go is a kind of fish that is grouped so beautifully and it is a famous dish especially in the bugs of Iran because it has the fish that is so yummy and so tasty that you are going to eat it again and again.

18.) National Dish of Malaysia – Nasi Lemak 

The national dish of Malaysia is Nasi lemak. Nasi Lemak is the south-east Asian dish and the street for plastic on its own. This is the milk for the Malaysian who loves a kind of rice bowl that is served with different peanuts and spicy pickles and even some chicken with some eggs and it is a perfect age that is served to the different country people that come over here.

People love to take these days because the to sign that consists of the fragrant rice in the coconut milk and the pandan leaves are so amazing in Malaysia that people love to just eat it just because of its servings.

19.) National Dish of Yemen – Saltash

The national dish of Yemen is Saltash. It never looks the same to eyes and it is the 

Saltash is the main ingredient of the dish and it is a strong flavor of fenugreek that is used with an Unexpected taste that Republic takes more than a few minutes to acquire. It is also Minions lamb. Different items are used in this dish that makes it so fragrant and amazing. The tendency of fragrance and vastness makes people love this dish. 

20.) National Dish of Nepal – Dal Bhat

If we talk about Nepal, the national dish is Dal Bhat. Its most famous dish and the yummy desserts are the minimum of the lentil soup with Rice and with the seasonal vegetable or vegetable curry that is used in the national but also there are some pickled rice and even some different things that are wholesome served as the whole meal. It is so delicious and amazing that you love to eat it even if you are outside. 

21.) National Dish of North Korea – Kimchi

Talking about North Korea as famous and the national dish of North Korea is Kimchi, then it is the same as South Korea and that is kimchi it is served very well. You’ll eat in North Korea because it has a strong superfood of pickled fragmented cabbage and even in the top, you will love it. It is also famous around North Korea for this thing as the Korean people love this dish and appreciate it even from the time from where their ancestors live. 

 22.) National Dish of Kazakhstan – Beshbarmak

The national dish of Kazakhstan is Beshbarmak that is served in the festivities. People enjoy its daily home across the country and it is so famous for its different things that are used in the way. They have the so well mixed at the earlier stage and also different things that make it the perfect dish to eat for the evening. People love to serve it to the guest

23.) National Dish of Sri Lanka – Rice Curry

Sri Lanka is famous just for its simplicity and simple attitude as do the national dish of Sri Lanka is rice and curry, the hit to senses but can be different at each time the rice is beautifully coped with the small fragment fenugreek leaves and with some tasty curry is all around with the curry can be of different taste and different reasons.

24.) National Dish of Syria – Kibbeh

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If you talk about these ideas, the national dish of Syria is Kibbeh kiwi. It is the most popular dish of the side and the ground meat mixed with the burger and is prepared in various frames then as a cook with the lamb or the chicken and it is colored with the knots. This is so popular for its spices that are used. Therefore the Chibi is a great version if you want to eat a proper meal. 

25.) National Dish of Jordan – Mansaf

The national dish of Jordan is Mansa. Mansa is actually a basic deep root in the melt on kitchen with the normal tribe and is also famous for its different things and international culture Israel to Iraq also love this beautiful fruit that is a different certain difference.

26.) National Dish of Cambodia – Curry Custard Fish

If you talk about Cambodia fish is the national dish of Cambodia is a Curry custard fish that is steamed in the banana leaves. It is the most elegant shaver for the face that you will ever meet with it is most it and also served in the banana leaves. Fish is the basic thing that you will find in Cambodia and is so famous for this thing and if that actual dish is so beautiful and so tasty that even the ethnic Kumar people love and adore this wish.

27.) National Dish of Azerbaijan – Saffron Cover Rice

Azerbaijan is the food that is the food that is famous in this country is the plot of love. The national dish of Azerbaijan saffron covers rise, which isnationally served with fruits as well fresh fruits and vegetables with some soaps a lot of dishes are cooked and fresh automatically Herbs and Spices. These are the famous days that you will ever find and it will also help you in your health. 

28.) National Dish of United Arab Emirates – Kabsa

The national dish United Arab Emirates is Kabsa and that is completely a beautiful fragment mixture of the basmati rice, the land the chicken, mixed vegetables, cardamom cinema, Saffron new nutmeg and the belief that are cooked in actually one pot. The taste of the dish is so tremendous that people love to make it beautiful in different ways.

29.) National Dish of Tajikistan – Plov

 If you talk about Tajikistan, the national dish of Tajikistan is Plov. Plov is a dish that is also important and so famous. The price is so beautiful and the wait is served. It is so amazing and fantastic that you are going to love your decision of choosing this fantabulous dish. The plov contains the basmati rice that is cooked and fragmented properly with an adequate amount of spices, therefore, making it the best thing.

30.) National Dish of Israel – Falafel

Talking about Israel, the national dish of Israel is Falafel that is made up of chicken up fritters and if you love chicken you are going to love this dish.  We can also say that it is the fried balls of seasoned ground chickens and it has so yummy tasty crispy things and it is soft and favorable and is often served with sauce and onions. This sign is most famous and you’re going to love it when you are going to eat it. 

31.) National Dish of Laos – Laap

Talking about Laos, the national dish of Laos is trifecta, which is the most famous dish that is made up of stick love anthem mark chicken and it is loved everywhere and it is prepared with the meat or a fish and sometimes with the raw materials with the very combination of Herbs Greens and Spices. It is often served with tasty curry and rice and even with the curd and it is perfect if you are going to eat it.

32.) National Dish of Lebanon – Kibbeh

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Talking about Lebanon, the national dish of Lebanon is kibbeh. It is an immense fight paste of the flash lamp and the burger with that is full of spices and it is turned into the track old with stuffed into vegetables is the famous feel of the feature and it is the best taste that has a great coughed up on the chicken and place and served so beautiful that you are going to mouth water that is for sure.

 33.) National Dish of Turkmenistan – Rice Pilaf

The national dish of Turkmenistan Rice Pilaf which is famous for its dishes and is just known for Pakistan and Afghanistan. Rice Pilaf is the main dish of this country. As the name suggests it is the beautiful combination of spicy rice sometimes served with curry and cucumber. The taste is so good that you are going to eat it again and again. To add some sparkle sometimes in the dish the people also add some fenugreek leaves and spreading it everywhere also gives it the royal look.

34.) National Dish of Kyrgyzstan – Beshbarmak

Talking about kindness, the national dish of Kyrgyzstan is Beshbarmak. It’s a famous dish of horse meat but mutton and believes that it grows for several hours and then it is served with noodles sprinkled with the parsley. It is good here that while weaving you are going to love Fishburn which is also served with different dishes and usually makes a very different and unique taste.

35.) National Dish of Singapore – Chicken Rice

Talking about Singapore, the national dish of Singapore is chicken rice, don’t just underestimate the number of a plate of chicken rice that is the daily devotion and even found in the top hotels. The dish is made so beautifully and uniquely that every time it is made with different kinds of spices and which chicken the rice combination is so beautiful that you are going to love the combination.

36.) National Dish of Oman – Shuwa

Oman is so famous for its dance culture and various things but you know the national dish of Oman is Shuva. It is a kind of staple food that is served on the cover in Oman. It is a kind of festival and offering this dish is the national symbol of hospitality. Saman juice and other beverages are also soft and so beautiful. It is known that the ovals’ national Day lamb recipe is prepared slow-roasted.

37.) National Dish of State of Palestine – Maqluba

The national dish of the state of Palestine is Maqluba. It is also found in Iraq’s zone and Jordan. This layer of the dish is the basic principle before serving it is done with the gallery and the amazing food procedures. It went through different Sprinkling and save food and Spices that it also celebrates the mouth-watering thing. This is the traditional food and it’s since for a very long time people love it people enjoy this dish.

38.) National Dish of Kuwait – Machboos Laham

If you talk about Kuwait, just so famous for its hospitality and if we talk about hospitality we just came across the first thing that is much worse is the national dish of Kuwait is  Machboos Laham. It consists of the fragrant rice that meets growth that is slowly accompanied by the tenders Logon, meat mutton chicken, or fish, and therefore the fragrant rice with the combination of mutton chicken and fish make it the perfect recipe to celebrate.

39.) National Dish of Georgia – Kachapuri

The national dish of Georgia is Kacche Puri, the name sounds in the better combination and integration of vegetables, meats, legumes and it is also a clip combination of Georgia’s national dish. It also contains different cheese, cheese check-in rice with some curry and also the famous momos are also played sometimes as a complementary dish over the deserts and – also make it so perfect to eat. 

40.) National Dish of Mongolia – Buuz

Talking about Mongolia, the national dish of Mongolia is a buzz. It is the humble Tibetan style dumpling that is considered as Mongolia as national days we can also say it momos and they are used in the raw houses in the house in Wall Street.

They have a stuffed with mutton and a well-flavored onion garlic caraway and steamed properly these are so made in the form of numerous that you are going to love it with the flight malted rusting floor and which serve with some sausage and with Chili spicy chutney will make you love this dish and adored this even more.

41.) National Dish of Armenia – Harissa

Armenia is also known for its hospitality and different traditions and when we talk about its national dish, it’s yummy. The national dish of Armenia is Harissa. It is the poorest made of wheat and meat cooked together for a long time.

42.) National Dish of Qatar – Machboos

If you talk about Qatar, the national dish of Qatar is Machboos. It is the flavorsome rice dish that is the national dish and its depth of flavor just comes from the combination of different spices that produces a smoker taste with a variety of the meals.

43.) National Dish of Bahrain – Mutton Chicken

The national dish of Bahrain is mutton chicken. Mutton bones are the famous one because of the biryani and different types of things that are used in this amazing dish. The way the people serve it also becomes an amazing thing. The chicken is roasted properly and then served.

44.) National Dish of Maldives – Guha

If we talk about the Maldives, the national dish of Maldives is Guha. It is a deep-fried pastry ball that is filled with Smoky fish and also tuned. We can say that is also desiccated with coconut and onions making it a proper thing in the shops and even in a small cafe. It is scattered throughout the island and is beautifully served everywhere.

45.) National Dish of Bhutan – Ema Datshi

The national dish of Bhutan is medashi, which is a spicy mixture of chilies and delicious. It is so famous because it contains red fries between the Maize and chilies that people love, adore. Sometimes onions are also sprinkled well for the taste.

46.) National Dish of Brunei – Ambuyat 

The national dish of Brunel is Ambuyat, which is the most famous dish that has the interior trunk of the Sago palm tree and it is considered of the starchy solid and water. A basic and most mouth-watery dish of Brunel is now even experimented with curry rice too. Making it a perfect combination with different veggies.

47.) National Dish of Cyprus – Koupepia

The national dish of Cyprus is Koupepia done with fresh Herbs and another seasoning then cooked in a tomato sauce. It is then usually served as a platter. Sometimes people experiment with this dish with chicken also. Chicken makes this dish more amazing.

48.) National Dish of Timor Leste – Ikan pepes

If we talk about the Timor Leste, the national dish of Timor Leste Ikan Pepes. It is a fish dish and paste is steamed in banana leaves and then really fit properly made with the exotic taste of the fish that is cooked in the Eastern spices. This the national delicacy the fish is fried and Prawns are considered is at the national dedication. This fish dish is very tasty.