Mumbai to Goa Ship Journey

The first thought when the word ‘Goa’ strikes your ears, is the fun you can have on the beaches, parties, waters ports, and sunbaths. However, Goa is more than just its picturesque beaches and happening parties.

The people that at understand this are the ones that cannot help but visit Goa over and over again. Thanks to that, the tiny state of Goa continues to be the holiday capital of the country. Whether you are traveling solo, with your significant other, or with your group of friends, Goa will have something unforgettable for you every time you visit.

It is not set in stone that it is only the destination that can be enjoyable. However, the mode of travel to Goa has literally been up in the air. Traditionally, most travelers choose one of three modes to travel to Goa. These three options include flights, trains, and roads.

Each of these options offers the best version of a single part of traveling to Goa. For example, traveling by flight helps you get to Goa the quickest, traveling by train takes time but allows you to relax and enjoy the views along the way, and traveling by road is all about having fun along the way.

While all three of these options are great, they all have only one part of the whole package covered. Creating a great mix of all these options, Jalesh cruises offers Mumbai to Goa ship journeys. These cruise journeys area highly suitable option for someone planning to enjoy easily reach Goa while having loads of fun and have relaxing experiences.

Why you should choose Jalesh Cruises?

Jalesh Cruises’ multi-destination cruise line started with their cruise trip from Mumbai to Goa in April of 2019. Hence, your trip to Goa will include much more than simply boarding at Mumbai and arriving in Goa. As a guest on a Jalesh Cruise, you can enjoy top-end accommodation facilities like mini-suites, cabins with balconies offering a mesmerizing ocean view, interconnecting rooms. Apart from the accommodation, amenities on a Jalesh Cruise include gourmet cuisines, live entertainment, broad way musicals, pool decks,

While cruise services have been around for quite some time, Jalesh cruises bring something new to the table. The most significant and unique aspect of Jalesh cruises is that it offers you luxurious travel experiences at relatively affordable prices. Moreover, the lower prices do not mean a drop in the quality of service. Here is everything you can have on a Mumbai to Goa ship journey by Jalesh cruises:

1. Entertainment

Ship journeys from Jalesh cruises are an experience that looks like they have come straight out of a movie. Speaking of movies, these trips are a seamless integration of sea voyages with pure entertainment. The entertainment facilities aboard Jalesh cruises include grand plays, enchanting magic shows, musicals, music concerts, blockbuster movie viewings, dance shows, shopping, and many other activities.

2. Health & wellness at sea

In addition to unmatched luxury, a Mumbai to Goa ship journey offers you an opportunity to unwind and relax. Spa, salon, and fitness activities on Jalesh Cruises make sure you are not tired of the journey and then not be able to do anything in Goa. Instead, you have a fresh mind and body that makes your vacation even more enjoyable.

The credit for this can be given to the on-board spa that provides a wide range of natural and aromatic techniques designed for relaxation. The exquisite fitness studio and multi-purpose salon facilities cater to all your health and wellness needs.

3. Food

Dining is a significant part of any kind of travel. Jalesh cruises recognize that fact and provide their guests with a plethora of cuisines, each one as good as the last one. You can choose to have a fun time at casual bars or dine like a king at connoisseur restaurants in the middle of the high seas.

The Mumbai to Goa ship journey from offers you the choice of selecting between nine bars and three fine-dining restaurants. You can visit these restaurants to enjoy food from Indian, Thai, Malay, Korean, Mongolian, Taiwanese, and Japanese cuisines. Moreover, the cruise hosts numerous buffets and food stations that offer a large variety of delicacies. In case any guests have any food-related reservations, the cruise has dedicated cuisines like vegetarian, Jain, etc.

4. Kid-friendly activities

As mentioned above, Goa is a destination that has something for everybody. Keeping that in mind, Jalesh Cruises ensures the journey follows suit. Cruises ensure a fun experience for the entire family. In order to do that, they recognize that what may be enjoyable for you may not be so for your children. Hence, the Mumbai to Goa ship journeys by Jalesh cruises offer fresh exciting and educational activities.

5. Shore excursions

Contrary to both popular belief and other forms of travel, Jalesh Cruises do not just take you from point A to point B. They provide you with a unique cruising experience that fills you with a sense of adventure and then more. Shore incursions allow you to experience interesting locations that fall between your Mumbai to Goa ship journey. These incursions allow you to discover magnificent cultural heritages. To make the deal sweeter, you also have the option to participate in adventure sports.

As Goa is a coastal state, it makes perfect sense to arrive there travelling through the sea. However, the best reason for you to choose Jalesh Cruises is the experience of having too many options to choose from. Whatever you want your Mumbai to Goa ship journey to be like, you can simply make it so. To give you a taste of what a proper Jalesh cruises experience is, one of the prominent options of accommodations are cabins that overlook the sea. Moreover, these journeys allow you to experience extraordinary culinary delights and much more.

By Punit