2 Easiest Methods To Merge Outlook PST Files

Merge Outlook PST Files
 Merge Outlook PST Files

Microsoft Outlook is one of the widely used and most popular email clients. It is easy to use, user-friendly, and is packed with several other latest features. There is no issue of connectivity, you can connect the Outlook with other email clients easily. The Outlook contains all its mailbox data in PST file format. It includes several email items like emails, contacts, calendar, etc. With time a user has several PST files, and many Outlook users have agreed with the fact that they feel a problem while finding the relevant PST files. So, if you are fed up with multiple PST files and looking for a way to merge Outlook PST files then the PST merging may be the solution. 

Benefits of merging PST files?

As the number PST file increases, a user face problem related to the storage. Excessive storage consumption may lead to problems in your Outlook and ultimately affects your performance or productivity. Hence it becomes important to combine PST files, there are several other reasons to merge PST files. 

  • Combining multiple PST into a single file will save your storage
  • It can be helpful if you are planning to switch to other email clients. 
  • Merging is helpful in case a user wants to share multiple PST files. Hence instead of sharing each file, you can simply combine the desired files and easily share them. 
  • While combining your old Outlook accounts
  • The merging process is helpful in the case of generating backups. 

Merging Multiple PST into one can be a challenging task, a user face any issues while merging PST files. However, with the proper tricks, you can easily combine PST files without any issue. In the next section, we will discuss how you can easily merge Outlook PST files. There are several ways to do this, in this blog we have discussed 2 basic methods to combine Outlook PST files. 

How to merge multiple PST files into one?

In this section, we have described two methods by which you can join Outlook PST files. The first one is the manual method and the second is by using a dedicated program.

Manual method to Merge PST files 

The manual procedure consists of two main steps i.e, “Creating a new PST file” and “Importing Outlook data to new PST file”. 

1-Creating new  PST File

  • Open Outlook and click on the “Home” tab.
  • Now click on the “New Items” option then “More Items” then finally click on “Outlook Data File”.
  • Choose the desired location to save the file and click “OK”. 

A new PST file has created further to merge Outlook PST files we have import data into the new PST file.

2-Importing data to New PST file

Now we will transfer the data from old PST files to the new PST file. 

  • Open Outlook, go to the “File” tab. 
  • Click the “Open & Export” then “Import/Export” option. 
  • Now from the multiple options available select “Import from another program” option then “Next”. 
  • Click on “Outlook Data File” (.pst) then “Next”.
  • Choose the desired options, then finally select the folder you want to import to the new PST data file. 
  • Check the “Sub-Folder” and then click on “Finish”.

Now you have to repeat step two if you have more than one PST file. 

Some flaws in the manual procedure-

The manual procedure is free but it costs your time and effort. Some common flaws in the manual method are-

  • It is ineffective in the case of multiple PST files, you have to implement step 2 again and again. 
  • It consumes a lot of time and effort. 
  • There may be a chance of data alteration or data loss.
  • If you have multiple PST files and looking for an easy way to merge the PST file then use the professional method. 

Professional method

You can use the PST merge tool to merge Outlook PST files. With the tool, you can merge PST files in a few seconds and in a few clicks. It is a fast, easy, and reliable method to combine PST files. The tool is 100% secure and there is no data alteration or data loss while merging PST files. 


In this article, we have discussed 2 methods to combine Outlook PST files. You can use the manual method, but if you have several PST files then you should definitely use the merge tool.