Top 9 Men's Fashion Trends

Trends may come and go and this is the reason why picking timeless items should be your number one priority when selecting pieces to add to your wardrobe. Doing this will not only save you money in the long run but will assure you that you will always be in style as well.

The question is, what are the items that will never go out of style in today’s fashion that’s always changing? The answer to that is to consider items that have been around for decades and remained around no matter what the current fashion trend may be. Want to know more about it? Keep on reading!

Top 9 Men's Fashion Trends


1. Converse Sneakers

These shoes have been around for decades. Converse sneakers were invented in 1917 and look at how the brand is still making a name for themselves among modern looks today. These sneakers are a matchless option all year round regardless of whether you are dressing them up or down.

2. Timberland Boots

This is an obvious one. These shoes are a great choice if we are talking about durability because you can expect to have them for a long period of time, so it’s really worth investing. You can choose in variants of colours ranging from camel to black, and over the years the line has added leather boots as well. The tip here is to stick to a style with the least amount of detail to avoid trends that may quickly go out of style.

3. Leather Oxford Lace-Ups

A real man should have at least a solid, sleek pair of leather shoes as these are the very anchor of every fashionable man’s outfit. The Oxford and Derby are your go-to varieties that speak timelessness. They are distinguished by their lacing mechanism.


4. Classic Grey Suit

This is probably the most versatile of the colored, non-black suits. Grey suits work timelessly in overflowing different shades; coming into the light and breezy in a pastel hue or corporately designed yet elegant in charcoal.

If suits are not your thing but want to look corporate, you can never go wrong by choosing a dark blue blazer. It’s ideal to have at least one blazer in your wardrobe whether you are styling a pair of jeans for a night out with friends or a pair of slacks for work.

5. Grey Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt should never leave your wardrobe. It can work with or without a hoodie, a very simple piece and affordable too. Wearing sweatshirts are no longer only for the gym but it can be an addition to any active-wear look. You can layer it with some pieces when the weather starts to get cold. You can pair this with a sleeveless puffy jacket, pea-coat, or leather jacket.

6. Trench Coat

In 1895, the trench coat was designed for British offices with the intent to dress the soldiers who went to war. A century later the classic piece, was birthed by Burberry, keeps much of the same military epaulettes, hook and bar, throat latch, as well as a D-ring on the belt, cuff straps and the storm flap on the right shoulder- created to button over the coat to keep the rain out.

7. Dark Raw Jeans

Denim’s origins started in 1873 when the solid cloth became the official work-wear for men in the U.S. On the other hand, the mid-century men taught proceeding generations just how well denim could work as stylish pants and equally as versatile as trousers.

A plain white tee is an obvious match for jeans; rolling the cuffs slightly and pairing with leather boots for a more rocker vibe. Or for a more formal setting, you can dress up the jeans with a button down shirt and jacket while the shirt tucked in, and then framed with a leather tan belt and matching brogues.


8. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

The amazing thing about the classic style of sunglasses is that they won’t go out of style. Their aviator is the ultimate classic pair of sunglasses and until now it’s a popular style of sunglasses in the market and has been for a while. There are different kinds of these aviators that may suit your face shape.

9. Army Web Belt

The great thing about this belt is that it’s an ideal accessory for the everyday man. It can be worn traditionally as part of an Army uniform. Since these belts are so cheap, they have found a niche in the men’s fashion world. You just add two to three in basic colors like black, navy, and tan for more flexibility when styling a look.

By Punit