Lapis Lazuli Gemstones

It is one of the most demanded gemstones in the history of mankind. The deep dark color of the stone suggests the symbol of wisdom, trust, and awareness. It is the gemstone for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Lapis lazuli has great importance throughout the history of the development of mankind. It was used by Cleopatra in Egypt around 4000 BC. She used the power of the crushed lapis lazuli in h eye shadow. Lapis lazuli has one of the oldest mines and it is the most highly prized tribute paid to Egypt. It is associated with the planet Neptune and Venus.

It was the favorite stone for the Islamic orient to protect themselves from the evil eye.

Guides for buying the lapis lazuli:

Lapis lazuli stone is one of the most powerful and oldest gemstones. It has been mined 7000 years ago. If you are intending to buy the stone then consider the following points:


Color is the most significant point of the lapis lazuli. It consists of dark blue colors. Some stone contains light dusted inclusions but mostly the lapis lazuli is intense blue colored. Before buying, the lapis lazuli stone makes sure that there is an absence of white calcite veins visible through the naked eyes.


Generally, the lapis lazuli stone is opaque and solid blue colored. A good lapis lazuli stone should not contain any cracks or inclusions.

Cuts and edges

Most lapis lazuli stone has cuts similar to any other stone. It lacks the perfectly round edges but contains the rough sharp cuts. Carvings and figurines are also common.


One of most lapis lazuli stone is a beautiful and powerful gemstone but is not expensive. Compared to any other natural gemstone, lapis lazuli is very cheap and easily available. The low-grade stones are sold at $1 per carat in the gemstone market. The high-quality lapis lazuli price will be around $100–150 per carat.

Benefits of lapis lazuli stone:

As the +Lapis lazuli is the stone that symbolizes the wisdom and truth. It benefits the wearer to discover themselves. To list the advantages of this stone lets go through the following points:

1. Building self-confidence

lapis lazuli stone is best for self-enhancement. It helps in promoting self-confidence and builds self-esteem. The unique energy of the stone helps you in self-realization.

2. Boosts the immune system

Those who have the weak immunity power, this gemstone is for them. The lapis lazuli stone increases the power to fight against the germs. For the frequent attacks from the common viral disease, it shields the wearer. Hence, lapis lazuli is the immunity-boosting stone.

3. Cure’s depression and insomnia

As the lapis lazuli stone has the unique power of self-enhancement. So, it cures the patient of depression by knowing the inner self. For those who cannot sleep at night, the stone has the unique ability to make your sleep comfortable and get you enough sleep.

4. Good relationship

The lapis lazuli stone is the stone of love and affection. It flourishes the love and emotion in the heart of the wearer. So, it promotes the long-lasting relation between couples. Also, in the family members, it creates a good relation.

5. Health benefits

Lapis lazuli stone has the health benefits to the wearer in many ways. It cures the nervous and respiratory system. This cures the thyroid, cleanses organs, bone marrow, and thymus. It also controls the blood pressure of the wearer.

6. Healing stone

The Lapis lazuli is also called as a healing stone. It helps in healing the spiritual, mental, and physical breakdowns. The unique energy released from this stone helps in the psychological healing of the wearer. Due to this reason, it is popular as healing stones.

In this way, lapis lazuli benefits the wearer. It is not that expensive in comparison to other gemstones but is equally beneficial. But you should wear the stone carefully and by consulting the professional astrologer if it suits you or not. If it is suitable, then, lapis lazuli balances the chakras in your body which makes you healthy, strong and increases the positive energy in your body. It also comes with the third eye chakra, so it helps in changing your perception and vision to the outer world.

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