Medical Uniforms For Hospital Safety

Uniform is a word that might not sound fancy to everyone. It seems like a restriction or fence created around your freedom. But, that is not entirely true. The corporate uniforms and hospital uniforms like nursing scrubs can be made a delight to wear.

Moreover, uniforms are a health issue when it comes to places like hospitals and laboratories. Of all the people, the non-medical population is more curious and unknown. The fact as to what importance these uniforms bring to the medical environment is known only to a few people.

It is not all a necessity to maintain the hygiene of the doctors but to protect the patients from transmitting germs around the entire hospital.

Without wasting more time, let us bring down some advantages of surgical scrubs in an environment as fragile as a hospital.

1. The Zone of Comfort

For most people, uniforms might be a thing that binds them to the chains. But they are actually very much comfortable than your regular wear. Scrubs for the doctors are made with delicate light material so that they are easy to carry around and work.

So you shall be more free performing operations and routine work in scrub uniforms than your suit and tie. It’s the same experience as working in your pajamas, only more stylish and health-centric.

Hygiene is a Factor

A hospital is surrounded by microorganisms 24×7, especially in the patient’s room and operating rooms. The surgical scrubs are intended to protect the doctors as well as the patients from transmitting those organisms to other places.

It acts as a protective cover to your regular clothes. Being exposed to any dangerous substance, these uniforms are your bodyguards. For example, when you are operating on a patient the body parts cannot be contacted directly with bare hands. Surgical gloves are worn as a precautionary measure.

2. Staff Identification

People wearing the same outfit in the entire hospital makes it easy to reach out to your staff members. There is hardly any room for an invader. Also, the next best thing is that patients can easily identify where their concerns should go after reaching the hospital. The patients when seeing the doctors in uniforms sense a feeling of security.

3. Well-built, strong material

Unlike other clothing fabrics, the medical uniforms are made from a sturdy material. They are not worn as a disposable outfit, thereby are sent under rigorous washing to keep the bacterias out.

In order to remove those harmful particles, the uniforms are washed under high heat. This is the reason why medical uniforms are made from strong fabric.

To be able to survive the excessive heat and pressure. So the blood stains or any other fluids can be kept out of your concern after putting the uniforms to wash.

4. Style comes with Care

If most of you are thinking that medical uniforms are boring and very much common then your ideology is probably not very accurate. Stores like NNT uniforms are changing the way people look at Scrubs. The manufacturers today bring hygiene in different colors so that every hospital and every department can have their unique identity.

Not only the colors but designs have also evolved. It is psychologically proven that the way you dress and feel about your looks makes you more confident and happy. Cartoon and flower prints are used to keep the doctor’s mood light and happy.

5. One-stop for all body shapes

Needless to say, surgical uniforms are made from a very strong fabric. Since they have been made from flexible fabric, it makes them adjustable to all seasons and situations. The perk that comes along is that they can easily fit any body type. So, finding a scrub of your size isn’t such a difficult task. All you need to do is look at stores selling medical uniforms.

The Anatomy behind specific Colors

While we learn the advantages of health care uniforms, there is one more distinct feature about them. Have you ever noticed that most of the uniforms are made in green, blue or colors that are light on the eyes?

There is probably a theory behind the concept as to why surgeons and other doctors choose to deal with the patients in specific colors.

One, the green and blue colors are nowhere near the red color and because doctors are known to deal with blood all the time such colors can avoid distraction.

Second, it helps in keeping the vision of the doctors stable. When moving eyes away from the patient the image of blood follows on to every object they look at. Green and blue are known to be on the calm coast of colors which are helpful for relieving the strain over your eyes.

The Story of Surgical uniforms in the Modern Era

Back in the old golden days when hospital care was just as new as a baby, the staff and the doctors followed the practice of wearing white uniforms.

But over the years study found that white skirts and hats are providing any hospital safety. Also, white color is known to be distracting the doctor’s vision while concentrating on the complexes of the patient.

It was the time in the 1940s when people realized that white uniforms were not fitting very well in the eyes of the entire hospital staff. To take the strain of the eyes, green and blue scrubs found its way into the life of every person related to medicine.

Let’s Stitch the Pieces Together

The white uniforms not only brought discomfort to the eyes but were not very comfortable. The medical scrubs worn today appear to be very professional and decent.

Who said that your scrubs cannot be fancy? Sure they can be personalized just the way you want. Only to remember that do not add any hygienic material to your uniform. Other than that you can customize the uniform with a brooch, sticker or any other accessory.

By Punit