Student Is Striving Hard

Every student is striving hard to get exemplary marks in their final examinations. Especially for the 12th standard, it is very important to score well to get into the desired career. To excel in board exams, the first most important thing is to go through the whole syllabus. I.E. learning every chapter, the concepts, formulae, theories, and so on from all the subjects. The second most important thing is solving question papers. In this article, we are going to see how solving previous year question papers will help you and what should be the mindset when solving question papers.  

Solving sample papers is a good exercise as this prepares you for the final exams in the finest way. This complete practice paves the way to solve any type of question irrespective of the difficulty level. This means that you are getting ready to score well in exams. Also, you have to look down for past five years of CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Papers and start solving them. 

Tips for paper solving

Let’s dive deep into knowing tips to follow during previous year paper solving. Do follow every step to enhance this technique. 

  1. Start with reading the whole question paper. It is important to look into every single question and try to answer the question by recalling it. However, it is advised not to spend more time on this step. 
  2. Now, start with answering from section one. But it is up to you to choose the section. It is essential to complete answering all the questions provided in the section you took and not to leave any of the questions behind. 
  3. If any questions that are not that answerable, it can be left and move on to the next question. After finishing attempting other questions, if time permits, come back to unsolved questions and try to solve them. 
  4. Allot time for every section. It is not good to leave questions due to lack of time. Always keep a note on the clock and perform according to the time remaining. 
  5. If you think you have finished your exam, you can go back and check all the answers you entered. There could be a possibility that some questions contain errors or would have entered wrong answers. So, finishing, revisiting, and rectifying the mistakes you did can make a big difference in the scores. 

Let us move on to know about a “perfect study plan” you have to follow before solving the previous year’s papers. Do follow this schedule strictly and engage in the below-mentioned activities to gauge yourself better. 

Assimilate the syllabus:-

The first thing you should do after you decide to work out the previous year’s papers is learning the syllabus required to study for your 12 class exam. Go through the whole syllabus that constitutes every chapter, topic, and concept. This takes time, and this is not a single-day process. This is the reason why students are asked to spend 1-2 hours daily on every subject. These 1-2 hours for every subject are not included with the time spent at school or in tuition centers. It should be treated alone, like a self-studying part.

Examine all the extra material you have:-

You have to go on with a situation like this. After going through all the concepts that are required for every subject, then you must move on and look for the extra material you have and start to solve them. These will develop you into solving complicated questions. This can take up to 2 months to complete. Again, this is different for every student. 

Start to conduct mock tests:-

You are in phase three, as you have completed the entire syllabus, examined all the extra sources you required and now it is time to write mock tests. Now, you will have to situate the concepts you learned previously in the mock tests. This not only makes you stronger with the concepts but makes you imitate the examination environment as close as possible. Moreover, this is the major reason why students are asked to solve papers. 

Solving previous year papers:-

Here we come to the topic of this article. This is the fourth phase you will be following. At the starting of this article, you were provided with a step-by-step guide to follow while solving the previous year’s papers. By following that pattern, you will not only score good marks but also you will get familiar with the frequently asked questions. 

Make sure to remember time management strategy:-

Time management plays an important role in developing the student into a topper. From the first day of preparation, you have to follow the allotted timetable. Every subject should be given equal importance. It is up to you to manage the timetable very well so that you will not lag during the preparation. 


Sample papers are a great way to score well in final exams. It gives ample amount of practice to the student’s needs and makes the student evaluate their performances. This helps you to manage time, and learn well about keywords, concepts, etc. For subjects like Math and Science, you have to look for concepts, as these subjects are not in the form of memorizing. For these matters, previous year’s papers save you. This greatly helps you to understand the topics based on their importance. 

Moreover, it is very difficult to deny the importance of sample question papers as for every student it paves the way to score well in their final exams. Also, solving papers enhance your problem-solving, improves time-management skills, keenly understanding the pattern of the question papers, and uplifts confidence.

Hence, previous year question papers guide the students to know about exam format and pattern, which they should keep up time during the exam. Also, It builds their confidence while answering questions. This improvises them to answer in a better manner. 

Students who solve papers can solve faster than non-solvers. Finally, it helps the students to understand what they need during examinations, leading them to fly out in colors.  

By Punit