Private Instagram Viewer

Is your Instagram profile public?

If your answer is yes then you have probably landed on the right page. If you share your content publicly, you might need to reconsider some of your privacy setting while sharing stories.

Instagram Stories is one of the most free-spirited and friendly aspects of the social media platform. The stories section is a great place to upload digital snapshots of your life as well as innovative, immersive content for your followers — everything from photographs and videos to favourite songs and surveys. But have you ever considered the security of your Stories, as well as who can see and post them?

Normally, Instagram Stories has a long list of people who watch it, including peers, employers, and family members. If the profile is public, though, total strangers and a slew of spam accounts have a chance to do the same. You should be asking yourself a set of questions. Who were these individuals? What method did they use to find your profile? Is it possible that your storey was sent to them? How long have randos been getting a glimpse of your private life?

The idea of strangers seeing your intimate, relaxed, oftentimes goofy, and sometimes insecure material on Stories can make you feel uneasy and exposed.

However, there are a few simple steps you can take to make your Instagram Stories more safer. If you’re a big fan of Instagram Stories but haven’t paid attention to the privacy settings in the past, here are six precautions to take.

1. Create a Close Friends list. You can prevent some odd users from seeing your 

Stories by ceasing to upload public Stories and instead focusing on Instagram’s Close Friends functionality, which is the best way to actually feel comfortable when it comes to Story sharing.

Creating a Close Friends list is perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when people think about protecting their Instagram Stories. Instagram introduced the Close Friends option in 2018 for those who aren’t conscious or haven’t checked it out yet. Rather than sharing Stories for all followers to read, Close Friends allows users to curate a list of trusted followers with which they can share their Stories privately.

2. Make unknown viewers unable to see your Stories.

Although the Close Friends feature is fairly common among users, opting to hide the Instagram Stories from all the followers is a less well-known safety measure worth taking.

If your account is public, you’ll be stunned by how many unknown people have tracked you without your knowledge over the years.

The “Hide Story From” function allows you to manually pick users that you don’t want to see your Stories or live videos from a list of all your fans. People on your “Hide Story From” list, including Close Friends, will not get a warning that they’ve been added and will not see any upcoming content.

3. Switch off the ability to share your Instagram Stories.

You may also change the sharing options. Disabling the ability for followers to share your Stories is an easy way to make them more comfortable.

You can switch off the toggles for one or both of the following options: “Allow Resharing to Stories” and “Allow Sharing as Messages” by going to Settings > Privacy > Story and scrolling down to the bottom of the screen.

If you tag other users in your tweets, “Allow Resharing to Stories” lets them add your posts to their stories, allowing all of their followers to see your Story, your username, and get easy access to your account. The latter allows viewers of your Stories to send them to others by DM.

Although Instagram Story privacy settings are essentially a matter of personal choice, it’s vital to consider the full extent of who can access and post your Stories so you can make an intelligent decision and decide which security features are suitable for you.