Make Money from Music

If you spend all of your spare time listening to music, you’ve formed a band with friends or you’re a talented singer, then your love of music could become a savvy way to make a little extra money. A side hustle typically works best when you focus on something you genuinely enjoy, which is why music lovers can do well when they combine their passion with their entrepreneurial spirit.

To find out how you can make money from music, take a look at these top ideas for musical-themed side hustles that could transform your finances:

1. Create a Blog

Blogging can help you to generate a healthy amount of revenue, providing you acquire followers, drive traffic to your site and use the right marketing techniques. As a blogger, you can write about any topics you choose, so why not use a music blog to make money and indulge your creativity?

From sharing your experiences in the industry to reviewing new tracks, every music lover can find their niche and their target audience. As your blog grows in popularity, your income can increase too. With a mix of affiliate posts, advertising and premium content, you’ll be surprised at just how lucrative blogging can be.

2. Submit Your Music to Libraries

If you’re a budding musician or even a professional who wants to generate a little more money, submitting your creations to music libraries can be an easy yet effective way to achieve your goals. When individuals, companies, producers and directors are looking for music to pair with video content or media images, they typically use music libraries to find the right track. Having your music featured on music libraries enables buyers to access the content and use it alongside their own work.

While the library will typically take a cut, you can earn a flat-fee or a regular commission when your music is sold in this way. Additionally, the more your work is featured, the more exposure you’ll get as an artist.

3. Play Live Events

For musicians, nothing beats the thrill of playing live events. When you can combine your passion for music with generating an income, you really can build a career doing something you love. Of course, you’ll need to gain experience and create a network before you’re able to play large venues but securing gigs or taking your band on tour is a great place to start.

To ensure you’re ready for your first live event, take the time to hone your set list. With rehearsal space Houston, for example, you can perfect your performance and make sure you’re ready for your big break. When you book Pirate’s Houston rehearsal spaces, you’ll get access to a self-service studio complete with guitar amps, drum kits and mics. With high-quality equipment on hand, you’ll have everything you need to prepare for your next live event.

4. Give Music Lessons

If you play an instrument or are a vocalist, sharing your talent gives you an opportunity to inspire others and launch a successful side hustle. As a part-time music teacher, you can provide one-to-one or group lessons and fit your side hustle around your existing commitments. Now, you can even offer virtual music lessons online, so connecting with students has never been easier. By promoting your lessons or joining an established agency, you can increase your network of students and earn money by teaching other people how to play or sing.

5. Launch a Podcast

There are an estimated 2 million podcasts currently available all over the world, which means that you’ll face some competition when you start your own! However, the range of themes and genres covered means that it’s relatively easy to find your target audience. With 57% of U.S. consumers listening to podcasts, they’re a great way to engage people and promote yourself as an artist. In addition to this, starting your own podcast can be relatively easy. Major podcast platforms and less well-known hosting sites offer step-by-step guides to help you make your content available to listeners and you only need a laptop, tablet or smartphone to get started.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has been a lucrative springboard for many artists, including famous faces like Justin Bieber, James Bay and Shawn Mendes. If you write your own songs or cover existing tracks, uploading your at-home performances can help you to gain publicity and develop a fanbase, as well as generating income in the meantime.

More than a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each day, which confirms just how popular the video sharing site really is. Featuring ads on your videos or even having your content sponsored by businesses can give you the opportunity to make money while you acquire fans and share your music.

Is It Worth Starting a Side Hustle?

Many people want to know how much you can really make by starting a side hustle and whether it’s worth the time. While you shouldn’t expect to become a billionaire overnight, there really is no limit to how much income you can generate via a side hustle. However, you’ll need to take a strategic approach if you want to make a reliable income from your side hustle.

This means doing your research, establishing a target audience and brainstorming original and innovative ways to deliver valuable content, products or services. Similarly, it’s important to determine how much time you can dedicate to your side hustle every week or month. This will give you a baseline for what you can achieve and how much you can expect to earn.

Although the extra income a side hustle can offer is certainly one of the main reasons people get started, there are many other benefits on offer too. By starting a music-themed side hustle, for example, you can enjoy a new creative outlet and gain experience in an industry that’s notoriously tough to break into. Whether you dream of becoming a full-time musician or you simply want to share your hobby with the world, a music side hustle could be exactly what you need.

By Punit