lipstick packaging

Lipstick packaging in the current times has evolved to provide protection to this cosmetic product and to make it attractive for those interested in buying it. But, buying lipsticks has not been as easy. This article looks back in time, to reveal some very interesting facts about this popular cosmetic product we lined up at the makeup counters in their pretty custom lipstick boxes today. There are countless lipstick brands and companies that manufacture this cosmetic product, which stains and protects the lips.

Each brand marks the lipstick packaging with its creative and signature themes to differentiate it from other products in the marketplace. The custom lipstick packaging is given unique looks by companies to market their products and cater to target markets. Are you aware that archeologists believe that the Sumerian region, which today comes under Iraq and Kuwait was the first one where lipsticks were used?

Selecting a packaging

So, every time you select a custom lipstick box packaging, remember that the Sumerians were able to discover this wonderful product around 5000 BCE. It is so easy for individuals who buy lipsticks today. They can simply select the shade they like or prefer and buy it from the online marketplaces or the offline retail and other countless options. But this freedom was unheard of in Ancient Greece. For sure, the marketplaces had no makeup counters with countless custom lipstick boxes.

The women who dared to flaunt this cosmetic product by wearing them were branded as sex workers and characterless. There was even a law, which stated that if prostitutes were found without wearing lipsticks they would be prosecuted for posing as respectful ladies. If there were custom lipstick box packaging available for these lip stains in Greece, their ingredient list would have included;

  1. Sheep sweat
  2. Crocodile excrement
  3. Human saliva etc.

For sure. The ingredients list for the custom lipstick boxes is available in the Roman Empire would have included;

  1. Ochre
  2. Iron ore
  3. Fucus

Level of mercury

The level of mercury in the focus algae is very high. Therefore, the lipsticks used by the men and women in the Roman Empire were actually hazardous to health. But these lip stains could only be worn by the elite. The poor of the Roman Empire mostly relied on red wine to give a rosy tint to their lips. Today women are going gaga over the various shades of red lipsticks. They come in various shades that are clearly printed on their custom lipstick boxes.

The first person in history to make red lipstick a fashion statement was Cleopatra. The ancient Egyptians were very particular about their looks and beauty. Both men and women used lipsticks for preening purposes. Although there were no separate product lines of glitter lipsticks available in that era packaged neatly in their custom lipstick box packaging still, they crushed various gemstones to add to their lipsticks for a more glamourous look.


The people in the South Asian region depended on the betel to redden their lips. Although betel is a natural plant-based product, its consumption is still dangerous and can lead to several complications.  In the Middle Ages, women who wore lipsticks were branded as evil, witches, magicians and Satan worshipers. Sometime later, Queen Elizabeth or one of her maidens created a lip pencil by mixing plaster of Paris in the dye. It was Queen Elizabeth who made lipsticks popular amongst the women. Its popularity in the initial days grew so much that it was being used as a substitute for actual money.


Lipstick similar to its current form was developed by Abbās al-Zahrāwri. He was experimenting with perfumes when he applied the same rule on dye and emollients to create lipsticks. But it was Guerlain who first manufactured a lipstick commercially. This lipstick too, was packed in paper and not in custom lipstick packaging. Lipstick has withstood the test of time and always surfaced as an essential cosmetic item for women. With such commonly deployed cosmetic product, the packaging matters just as much as the quality of the product itself. Spending some extra time and money on lipstick packaging would only result in better sales.

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