Letmewatchthis Alternatives

Well, we love watching movies but it is not feasible for many people to buy a subscription on plan in order to watch the movies. Therefore, we tend to watch movies online where we do not need to pay anything and therefore watch anything for free. 

Similarly, there are many websites and sites that genuinely understand our problem and stream plenty of movies and web series. Movies and series hold our hearts, no doubt. We enjoy watching movies a lot either with friends or family, with many others or even by ourselves which is a whole different enjoyment and feeling which many people prefer too.

But the problem with many online movie streaming sites or platforms is that they are not legal. So in this article, we would be talking about the sites which are not legal such as ‘LetmewatchThis’ but offer free content. 

What is letmewatchthis? 

‘LetmewatchThis’ is a movie streaming site that was formerly known as ‘Primewire’. The domains of this website were hacked many times and therefore the owner of this site ‘LetmewatchThis’ changed the domain several times. ‘Primewire’ used to be the prominent and main site.

It was prominently divided into two different platforms, they were ‘LetmewatchThis’ and ‘1Channel’. But one time the trouble caught the owner and the website faced ‘ZSP blockades’. After this the owner had to change the movie’s links’ name to advertising and therefore the content stopped. Because of all that trouble faced by the website, users went on search of such various alternative sites of ‘LetmewatchThis’ in order to stream movies. 

So in this article, we have enlisted some websites that stream movies. These websites are ad-free as well as registration free. Therefore these below-mentioned sites stream all the content without creating any problems. It is really peaceful and easy to use these websites. We tell you these are some of the best alternatives of ‘LetmewatchThis’, ‘Primewire’, and 1 Channel. 

1. Popcorn Time 

Popcorn Time is one of the best alternatives to LetmewatchThis because it is very easy to use. It is an open-source and free streaming platform. It offers a wide range of movies, dramas, TV Shows, and much more and allows users to watch them from torrents.

You do not need to download the files separately or individually. Popcorn Time has a user-friendly interface which means it is quite easy to use. You can just search for what you want to watch and it will provide you with information related to that quickly. You just have to download the app on your device and you are now ready to watch. The most important feature of this app is that it will not offer you advertisements. Not only that, but you can also download your favorite content for free. 

2. Popcornflix

Another alternative to LetmewatchThis is PopcornFlix. It is a website that allows visitors to stream movies as well as TV shows for free. The most important part of this website is that it is legal and offers you a huge amount of content as well as various genres such as comedy, horror, action, romance, rom-com, and much more. It is a really good and legitimate website that offers licensed TV shows and movies for free. Its interface is user-friendly. Popcornflix allows you to watch the content for free. 

It has a separate tab for videos that go viral. You can also watch the videos if you are not in the mood to watch large movies or shows. Another interesting thing about Popcornflix is that you do not have to download any app. You can stream content from the browser. Neither you need any registration or account in order to use this website. You can simply just visit this website and start streaming movies and shows. 

3. Flixgo

No matter from which age group you belong, FlixGo is still always for you. Even if you are an adult or a kid; this has got your back. It offers content for all age groups. For instance, kids can visit FlixGo and enjoy watching their favorite cartoons or movies. Similarly, adults can stream their favorite movies on TV shows. It has food for all even with variety.

The best part about this website is that the streaming content is available in 4K quality. It allows users to watch content like movies and shows for free but you might see ads in between because obviously. But FlixGo also allows users to buy the premium version and by purchasing that there will be no ads for you

4. Openload Free Tv

It was initially a video-sharing platform that allowed users to share their files and upload their media which can be accessed by other people as well. Openload Free TV as the name suggests offers a wide range of movies and a variety of TV shows to stream.

It allows users to stream the content for free. The most important and attractive feature of this website is that it adds the newly released content, for example; any movie or show that has launched just today, Openload Free TV will add them on the same day. So we can say that the website updates every day and new content is added every day. If you want to watch anything, what you need to do is go to the site’s search engine and search for whatever you want to look at or watch. 

Another interesting feature of Openload Free TV is that you can also see the categories of the posted content as well as the release year. You just have to go to the home page and later on, on the sidebar, you will see all that. Moreover, not only Hollywood content is available but Bollywood movies are also available on the site. So I believe one should definitely go and stream some movies on Openload Free TV. 

5. Putlocker

Another important and widely recognized alternative to LetmewatchThis is Putlocker. It is a very popular site and it offers online streaming of movies and TV shows and that too for free! Alike LetmewatchThis, this site has also been changing its site address very often because the website was not used to working perfectly. But over time, nevertheless, the site has been developed. With the development, the user interface has also been developed. And hence it now works fine and smoothly. 

Along with all such features, the website allows you to even check the ratings of a particular movie. So that you can decide beforehand whether you want to watch the movie or not. Apart from that, it also allows users to check if the video is available in HD quality or not. Therefore, users trust this website a lot because it doesn’t deceive users.

But the only problem is you will be seeing ads in between but obviously you can skip them anytime. This platform has gained popularity because of its vast library of shows and movies. Putlocker doesn’t itself provide the content but it embedded content across the internet and provides the links to watch. 

Letmewatchthis Alternatives

6. fmovies

Fmovies is another popular alternative to letmewatchthis. It is a website that offers a huge range of movies and TV shows to users. The collection on this website is extensive and it offers a variety of genres and content from all over the world.

It has a user-friendly interface and because of that it is easy for users to search for what they want to watch and what they desire. This site gives different links from multiple streaming pages and therefore you have options to choose from different links. 

It is important to know that it is not a legal area. It also contains copyrighted content. The website is free of cost which means you don’t have to pay anything to stream a movie. you will see all the content on this website according to their ratings, year, and much more. Therefore it is very user-friendly and very popular in today’s generation. 

 7. 1movies:- 

1movies is one of the best alternatives to ‘letmewatchthis’. It is a website that provides free content and streaming of TV shows and movies. Even without a subscription or any fee, this platform offers a broad range of content. That also includes a variety of genres such as love, hate, romance, detective, and much more. You will find it all.

1movies works like any other streaming website as it also provides links to the users and does not post the video itself, it acts like a link provider. It has a very easy user interface. It is very straightforward. A preview will be shown to you whenever you will search for any content. A window will provide you with different information like ratings, year, time, IMDB score, and much more. So it is quite a fun platform. 

8. Watchmovie Stream:- 

It is a very interesting and popular website to stream your content, desired movies, and TV shows as well. The interface of this website is user-friendly. It is a really good alternative to letmewatchthis. The most important feature of this website is that it has a public domain license and because of that anyone on the internet can stream videos and other content on this site.

The content that this website provides is free to watch on the side because it has a public domain license. The content is free for the users as well as all the videos or the available content is in HD quality. You are offered a variety of content for free as well as in the best quality.

Another interesting thing about the watchmovies stream is that it is available in most countries. Even if it is not available to you, do not worry, you just need to use VPN services and that is all. The site keeps adding new content and therefore it gets updated weekly and new content is added every week.

9. Solarmovies:- 

If you are a movie lover I believe you must have heard of solarmovies’ name. It is one of the best TV shows and movie streaming sites. The database of this site is very fast and therefore it appears as an amazing alternative to letmewatchthis.

Solarmovies allows users to browse movies as per their mood. There are plenty of genres that you can choose as per your interest and country. You can see the rating as well and therefore you can decide if you want to watch the movie or not. It is available in most countries but if you still cannot access it, you just need to try VPN and you will be fine. 

10. AFdah 2 

It is a very simple yet very classic alternative to letmewatchthis. The interface of this website might have been old but it is a very easy-to-use website. The most important part of the website is that you don’t have to do any kind of registration or any sign-up. I have been streaming a lot of content on this site. AFdah offers no ads and all the content is absolutely free.

Plus you can also stream your content on this site very fastly. It can speed up and you will not face any problems in that. The server of this site is really good. AFdah 2 has a collection and database but it is of 2022. You can browse and watch the movies that you like.

It offers a variety of genres and you will be getting confused because nothing is more difficult than choosing what you want to watch especially when you have plenty of content, right? All genres like animation, horror, sad, romance, etc are available on this site. So give it a try and have fun. 


So these were some alternatives to letmewatchthis streaming site. So whenever you are bored just go through any of the above-mentioned sites. One more thing that you need to know is that visiting sides which are not of the government can somewhat harm you.

Visiting this site can lead to privacy issues as well as issues related to your data and much more. Therefore it is better to use legitimate sources because why should one risk his privacy and data? So use them wisely.

Do give your feedback. What other information do you need, do let us know.