Kitchen Cabinet Styles

A kitchen’s beauty is determined by the storage designs you select. Whether your kitchen is small, wide, or big – rightly chosen kitchen cabinets will increase both its appeal and functionality. 

So, if you’re a homeowner who is renovating or newly constructing a kitchen, there are some cabinet styles that you should consider before finalizing the design.

To help you with it, we’ve jotted down here the most common but stylish kitchen cabinet designs that can fit into any type of architecture.

Cabinet kitchen styles:

1. Floating

Floating cabinets are simple in design yet stylish to look. They hung to the wall within a reachable height allowing you to have easy access while cooking. You can construct them either open or closed. Whatever you choose, floating cabinets bring your kitchen a modern, sleek, and minimalist look. You can also try Soft Close Cabinet Hinges according to latest trends.

2. Lower

If you are the person who wishes to store everything on the lower side of the kitchen, then these cabinets are best for you. You can construct these cabinets throughout the walls of the kitchen or only on the cooking side area. There are multiple designs, colors, and textures that you can match with your kitchen’s architecture. Also, depending on your use, you can either keep them open or closed. 

3. Locked

Some people like to have a sense of security even while storing food items in their kitchen. Then these locked cabinets are perfect for you. They come with a locking system and you need to use a key for opening them. Though it’s an extra activity while you’re cooking, it will come in handy when you are on a vacation. 

4. Display

Display cabinets come in two styles: fully-open and covered with glass doors. These cabinets are for the people who don’t like to close-off everything with wooden doors. With display cabinets, you can have a see-through look, and if you opt for glass doors, you can even enjoy the effects of light reflection during the daytime. 

And the best part, you can display collectables, rare china pieces, tea sets, crockery, etc. Your guests can’t help but appreciate your display work.

5. Glossy

If you want maximum light reflection which gives a rich look to your cabinets and kitchen, then apply a glossy finish to your normal cabinets. It not only gives a modern look to your kitchen but you can also enjoy the shine reflected during sunlight. The glossy finish is best for the light colored cabinets with plain designs. Also, if you have a kitchen where natural light isn’t reached, then the glossy finish helps you reflect what little light you get in the room

6. Metal

Contemporary architecture often involves metal artwork. Whether it’s wall art or in kitchen cabinets, metal appears sharp, modern, and stylish. There are a variety of designs you can go to in metallic. Be it full metal cupboard or like a mesh door – metal cabinets surely increase your kitchen’s elegance. For added beauty, you can mix and match the colors according to your kitchen architecture. 

7. Corner 

Does your kitchen have an unused corner? Then why not spruce it up with corner cabinets. These corner shelves give you extra storage space or you can use them for displaying your favorite artworks. You can place flower vase, your kid’s paintings, photographs, etc. to give a personal touch to your kitchen. Also, you can keep them either open or closed depending on your choice. 

8. Multi-colored

If you are an artistic person and want a splash of different colors in your kitchen, then you can go for multi-colored cabinets. You can either select contrast of two colors or the colors that go well with others. For instance, you can opt for radium, sky blue, light orange, green, etc. to give a palette effect to your kitchen. They not only appear vibrant but also set the mood whenever you enter into the kitchen. 

9. Standalone

Do you not like constructing cabinets? Do you like a storage space where it’s portable? Then standalone cabinets are the one for you. These are like a wardrobe where you can store valuables, daily kitchen items, etc. If you are a person who gets transferred a lot, then these are perfect as you can carry them with you anywhere you go. You can opt for wooden colors, metallic finish or glossy effect wardrobes. 

10. Sliding

If you’re wondering how you can renovate a small kitchen, then sliding cabinets help you manage your space. Instead of opening the door, you can slide them without obstructing anything. In sliding cabinets, you can choose glass, wooden, or even metallic doors to match your kitchen architecture.

11. Themed cabinets

Do you like to have a themed- style kitchen in your home? Do you like rustic, contemporary, vintage, or country-style theme? Then accordingly, you can choose kitchen cabinets that match your taste. And you can select matching furniture for the added elegance.

Kitchen Cabinets Are the Heart of Your Kitchen

In the first glimpse of your kitchen, cabinets are one which makes a first and lasting impression. They are like the heart of your kitchen. So, you must take quality time in finalizing the cabinet design before you proceed. Hope we’ve given you enough cabinet design choice that you can select to match your kitchen and home architecture.

By kamlesh