In many instances, birds have been noted down making nests into your chimneys and roofs. The tile roofs are the best possible places where these birds can be found because these are their favorite places to build nests and hide from the harsh weather conditions. Although most of the birds like to nest preferably in trees, they sometimes also like to nest under the tiles of a tile roof.

Not only birds sometimes bats are also found breeding under these barrel tile roofs. Although birds are innocent creatures of nature, yet there are many things about them that are sufficient to make you cringe when you see your roof like their droppings and their unremitting chirping all the time. There are certain ways to discourage the nesting of birds under your tile roof. A few useful tips in this regard are as follows:

how to keep birds from nesting under roof tiles

1. Preparation of strips or pieces of Aluminum:

First of all, you have to gather as many pieces and strips of aluminum as you can. For this purpose, you do not need to buy Aluminum as this will be very costly. You can work with the soda cans, aluminum foil, or the old tin of pie. Take and gather all these aluminum pieces and now cut them with the help of sharp scissors into strips. After the strips are achieved, these can be used on the edges of the roofs to produce the glare.

When the sun shines on them the strips give a glare which will be deceiving for the eyes of birds and they will avoid going to this place. As a result, there are chances that the birds will leave the roof if they have already made a nest over there or they will avoid making a nest in such a roof.

2. Hang or stick fake figures on the roof:

This is a great idea to discourage the birds from making nests in the roof. You can hang the fake images and figures on the roof or beside the roof which will be discouraging for the birds. Certain images are deterring for the birds like the ones of cats, owl, and other such figures. If these figures are hung along the sides of aluminum strips on the roofs, the birds can be deterred from going there. These figures are basically the acting prey of birds therefore they will feel scared and will avoid going there.

3. a Used spray of crushed chili peppers:

This is another useful trick that can be helpful in deterring the birds form going the roofs and nesting there. First of all, you have to crush the chili peppers and then add this crushed pepper mixture into the water. Let this solution for some days so that it gets fermented finally and completely. Then this fermented mixture can be used for spraying on the roof. This is a very good remedy that can deter the birds clearly from even sitting on the roof. It is advised not to spray this mixture on nests but near them. This will be enough deterring for the birds and they will preferably leave their nests.

4. Discouraging the birds by playing loud noises around their nests:

Birds are peaceful creatures and they like to inhabit the calm and cozy places. Birds usually do not like noisy places. Therefore if you play or make noisy sounds around your house where they have nests then you can preferably make them move away from these places and hence your new roof is safe. However, this may not be a permanent solution as you also have to apply other techniques as well.

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