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5 Essential Items To Have In Your Pet’s First-Aid Kit

First-Aid Kit

Emergencies do occur anywhere and everywhere. You need to prepare for anything at any time. I know you have your health insurance and that you are keen on what you do to avoid mishaps. But what about your pets? Having a pet insurance cover is one thing, and it is a different story when you find your cat or dog unconscious and in need of urgent attention. That is why you need a first aid kit for your pets.

But the question is, what should the first aid kit contain? Antibiotics, razor blade, or water? There are various supplies that you would need to attend to your pet when emergency cases arise. Although you may not be a vet, with the kit, you can save the life of your dog. This article highlights some of the essential items a pet first aid kit should always have. Stock enough items and ensure they are not expired when an emergency strikes.

1. Pair of Scissors

Pet's First-Aid Kit

When your pet gets a physical injury, you will want to dress the wound. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to clip off some fur around the injured part for you to easily apply any medication or wash the wound before the vet comes to examine it. Fur can also contaminate the wound hinder the effectiveness of bandaging.

You need a sharp pair of scissors to cut the fur. No, do not think about shearers. This is a simple cleaning stage to access an injury so that you can help your pet. You will not be harvesting wool. The ideal scissors should be blunt at the tip. Blunt ends help you to avoid accidental skin cut on and around places you are trimming.

2. Eye Cleaner

As your pets move around, it is easy for substances to enter their eyes. Whether it is dust, pollen from flowers, or liquid, your pet is going to find the substance irritant. As you can expect your animal will try to wipe the eyes. But various substances would be itchy, causing the pet to scratch the eyes. This could cause injury both on the eyelids and the eye. Such an occurrence would make the animal blind if not attended to fast.

But another way to get your pet’s eyes infected is by ignoring cleaning its eyes and the places around them. There are many generic eyewashes you can use to maintain the pet’s eyes clean. When you Check out Pet Life, you will find eye wipes to maintain the pet’s eyes and get rid of any irritants or allergens. You may also want to consult your local vet about the right product for cleaning your animal eyes because some cleaning solutions are meant for specific animal species.

3. A Pair of Tweezers

If a thorn, piece of wood, or glass gets into your pet’s skin, it will be not only painful but also hard to pull out. This is especially true when the piece breaks under the skin, or there is only a very small section visible that is hard to hold with your fingers.

A pair of tweezers is a necessary tool you need for the purpose. You can use it to pull out a piece of a broken object from under the pet’s skin. But it can also help you to hold the skin when addressing a wound to avoid imposing more injury or pain on the wound.

4.  Pet Ointment

Pet's First-Aid Kit

Outdoor play is essential for building that connection between you and your pet. You can also walk your pet for various other reasons. There are many benefits to spending time with your pet outdoors. But you will always want to ensure that nothing harmful happens to him.

Occasional scratches while playing are inevitable. Even the mildest ones can pose a health risk to your pet. Nursing wounds is one of the ways to prevent your pet from infections. An ointment is essential in killing germs, preventing bleeding, and easing of pain on scratch. It is essential to have some ointment with you always, even when you are outdoors with your pet.

5. First Aid Handbook

It is important to help your pet at home when emergency cases arise. But at times, it is not easy. Even when you have the right tools, you can find it difficult to handle your cat or dog to help it from the pain and further injury – or even death. But that does not mean that you will need to be a vet to attend to a suffering animal.

A pet first aid handbook is an essential tool everyone should have. Even vets and pet experts need it. With simple outlines, you will learn what you can do when your pet is showing signs of suffering, or what you can do during an emergency to save your pet. The handbook can also save you from panic while waiting for your vet to give the pet adequate treatment when necessary.

Summing Up

Pets are great companions. While it is essential to have quick access to veterinary service contacts, you also need to be able to attend to your animal when an emergency arises. But it is necessary to be prepared and ensure that your kit is equipped adequately to provide the required first aid while you wait for your vet to arrive.