Aluminum Doors

With modern style and appearance, aluminum doors are becoming the favorite choice for house owners, builders, and architects. They are the best choice for all types of windows and doors alike. Aluminum doors offer a clean, contemporary look and are highly versatile in capability. Read this blog to know that these doors are not only setting trends in a modern style but they are also providing the following advantages.

1. Energy efficient

Aluminum doors are energy efficient. They meet and even exceed current energy efficiency standards. To be more specific they easily attain improvement in heat gain and heat loss through doors or windows by 60% compared to that of timber or any other metal.

2. Highly durable

If you think wood was durable then think again. Aluminum is actually stronger than timber or vinyl in structure and can withstand extreme weather conditions, especially in high wind areas. They are unaffected by the powerful UV rays. Aluminum doors and windows are thus highly ideal for regions with a very cold or hot climate. The best part is, aluminum does not swell, warp, or twist like timber which his highly subjected to movement when used in long lengths. Thus they are not recommended for larger panels or frames. Moreover, you should not forget that aluminum is resistant to termites, rodents or other pests that affect timber. This metal does not rot like timber that extends its longevity.

3. Zero maintenance

How about getting the best security for your home that offers little or zero maintenance? Yes, you got it right. Aluminum has little maintenance compared to that of other materials. It is corrosion-resistant, unlike timber that requires regular maintenance especially if it is stained or exposed to the sun or salty air near coastal areas. If you want to keep aluminum as good as new, just wipe it occasionally with a piece of cloth and household washing elements.

4. Flexibility in design

Do you want endless possibilities indoors and window designs so that it suits the aesthetics of your home? Then aluminum is the apt material for you. Aluminum doors and windows can be made into any shapes or sizes and can be powder coated to match the color of the interiors of your home or office. Thus with aluminum, it is much easier to create a unique look for your home or business as the product has an endless design to offer.

5. Environment-friendly and recyclable

Aluminum is 100% recyclable and is not toxic as timber. They are coated with a sleek powder finish that offers excellent longevity. This means you don’t have to paint them which is harmful to the environment. Moreover, when the word is encouraging us to go green, opting for wooden doors or windows will involve cutting down native forests. In this respect, aluminum is a highly sustainable alternative. Additionally, products made from this material use less energy in production compared to that of timber which requires more energy to cut, transport, treat and manufacture into windows or doors.

6. Fireproof

Here is an additional benefit of choosing this robust material over others. Aluminum doors are galvanized, that is they are coated with a layer of zinc which makes them resistant to fire because galvanized metals catch fire very slowly. Aluminum doors are highly required to restrict fire-related accidents in-home or business.

7. Affordable

Aluminum is a pocket-friendly material. That is why more and more people are opting for this material. It is nearly 50% less costly than timber which is an expensive alternative.

I hope now you know why everyone is choosing aluminum over other materials, especially wood. So if you are planning to upgrade your home or office doors and windows, make no hesitation to opt for aluminum entrance doors and aluminum windows. They will serve you for a lifetime without you having to spend a hefty amount on maintenance. Get in touch with the best aluminum door and window manufacturer near yo to get your work done as per your desired style and preference. Know the benefits of aluminum entrance doors and why we should install it in our homes.