Properly Tint Your Home Windows

Tinted windows are quite common nowadays for home windows and vehicles. It helps keep your privacy intact so you must invest in the right place. The more time you invest in the research of tint windows, the more informed and calculated decisions you can make.

Here are six tips mentioned to help you properly tint your home windows.

1. Types

There are different types of tint windows available in the market so you must pick the one that is suitable for your home. You must also consider the application procedure of different tint windows before making any final decision. The basic application procedure would be quite easier for you to do it yourself instead of hiring a professional. It would also help save a lot of your dollars in the process.

2. Cleaning

You should clean your home windows properly before starting any application process. If there is any dust or debris left on your home windows, it would make the tint look bad in the end. So, you should make sure that your home windows are properly cleaned. It is better to use a soap, detergent, or a specific glass cleaner that can serve the purpose effectively.

3. Measurements

You must take the right measurements of your home windows to make sure that you buy the right amount. It is advised to measure twice or thrice instead of ending up having either more or less amount of tint sheets for your home windows. You can also add an extra 2 inches to the overall measurement of each window.

4. Cutting

You should be extra careful while cutting the tint for your home windows. The size length must be two inches extra to make sure that it fits into your home windows properly. You can also lay the sheets over the home windows to see the length of the piece you need to cut.

5. Installation

The installation process of home tint windows must be carried out wisely. You can spray the application solution on the glass of windows. Then, you can remove the adhesive backing of the tint sheet. You should make sure that the sticky side of the sheet is facing the home windows. It is better if you don’t try to place the entire sheet in a go as it may look bumpy. Instead, you can start from the bottom of the sheet and then move upwards gradually using a razor or any sharp tool. Moreover, if you want the best results, you must buy the high-quality window tinting from any renowned website or store.

6. Remove Creases

If there are any creases or bubbles left on the tint sheet, you must remove them immediately. You can use hot water in a bottle to spray it on the glass. It would help make it easier for you to smooth everything out. Also, you can cut off the extra tint and remove excess water with a towel.

By Punit