A city of eccentricities, Ahmedabad is a juxtaposition of all alternate extremes. On one side we discover the Gujaratis who are renowned all through India as the expert agents. On the other, we had Gandhiji with his Satyagraha and Nonviolence. Materialistic state of mind on one hand and the otherworldly existence of self-renunciation on the other, with all such diversities, Ahmedabad is the best example of the Indian culture and is additionally the seventh largest city of India.

Enough said about the city’s aesthetic and cultural charm. There is something else that makes Ahmedabad such a sorted destination in itself. Not only is it brimming with diversity in culture, historic grace, and steadfast developmental factors on the inside, but it also has a plethora of ethereal destinations surrounding its territory. Ideal weekend getaways or destinations in themselves, after having booked one of the Mumbai to Ahmedabad flights, better head off to these places.

1. Daman

Daman is a little locale situated between the State of Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Arabian sea. It boasts of a salubrious atmosphere throughout the year, with casuarina windbreaks, calm seashores, gorgeous shorelines and simple accessibility of alcohol. The spot likewise draws in history enthusiasts because of the much visible Portuguese impact here. The shorelines and religious territories in Daman are an energetic blend of soft silver sands, undulating extents of palm forests and antiquated landmarks.


2. Diu

Diu is a minor island located on the southern tip of the Saurashtra (Kathiawad) landmass of Gujarat. Exhibiting a surreal blend of sun, sand, and ocean, the island is absolutely a heaven, complete with palm trees swaying delicately in the breeze and the waves of the Arabian Sea lapping the shores. One can call it “Mini-Goa”, but we’d like it to retain its own personal identity. One must-visit place to have a reviving weekend.


3. Junagadh

A city dedicated to temples, Junagadh is one of the first-class traveler destinations in Gujarat. With wonderful sanctuaries throughout, tourists come here from everywhere throughout the nation to offer their petitions. Situated in an excellent location, in the foot of the Girnar Hills, this city offers unblemished surroundings and an amazing perspective. It is additionally one of the best destinations for the wildlife aficionados as Nalsarovar Lake and Sanctuary, Sakkarbaug Zoo and Sasan Gir Wildlife National Park are situated here. With so much and more to see and do in Junagadh, one can make the best of this city while on a weekend trip.


4. Pavagadh

Pavagadh is the hill alongside Champaner and is also the same place where a celebrated Mahakali temple is located. It likewise has a fortress that was built by the Solanki Rajputs. In the fort, there also is a Hindu sanctuary that dates back to the 10-11th century. This is the most established Hindu temple ever built. There are some more Hindu and Jain temples built in Nagara style during the 13-15 century in this fort.


5. Bhavnagar

The city of temples – Bhavnagar, has been bestowed with natural beauty and some ethereal aspects as well. Situated on the Shatrunjaya Hills, this city’s temples are the real tourist destinations. The Takhteshwar Temple is one renowned sanctuary here. On the off chance that you wish to delve deep into the history and society of this city, then you should visit Mangalsinhji Mahal Palace, Nilambag Palace and the Sea-side Palace which is situated in an extremely quiet locale.


So now you must have got an idea. Only touring around the places to visit in Ahmedabad does not define a fully-fledged trip to this city. Ahmedabad has amazing neighborly support that too deserves a visit.