Esports has stopped being a rare activity. Over the last decade, the esports community has grown significantly. And this trend doesn’t seem to decline in the nearest future. More and more people are wondering how to get a job in the scene. This is a hard question, considering the specificity of esports.

To make your life easier before you place your first bet at, we have put some golden rules together. This way, we want to help you start your esports journey smoothly.

1. Hone skills associated with your key strengths

Finding a job in esports might be hard but still possible. You just need to develop a skill set and apply it properly. This is an effective way to boost your odds of working in esports.

As a beginner, you should identify your core strengths and focus on them throughout your gaming career. When you see esports jobs that suit you, you’ll be better prepared for them.

2. Take part in esports tournaments and events

After achieving a certain level of esports competence, you can try your luck joining esports tournaments and events. The opportunities are constantly growing. Depending on the video game you focus on, you will be able to pick an esports event that interest you most. Just remember that you will have very busy schedules, so don’t feel disheartened if you can’t make time for yourself.

3. Spend time developing your reputation

Now that you have a certain level of esports competence, it’s time to build your reputation. This can be done through free and paid platforms for gamers. Eventually, you will start taking part in esports tournaments at the domestic and international levels. Your experiences will be then reflected in your resume as a pro gamer.

4. Be proactive in your free time

Similar to a career in any sphere, you should be ready for strong competition. Considering the esports’ potential, more and more people want to make a solid profit out of it. When setting yourself apart from other candidates, make sure to prioritize your well-being. Don’t work yourself into the ground as no one is going to say “Thank you” for that.

5. Get use of social media

Even though it may sound weird to you social media have become an inseparable part of the video gaming industry. Most gaming platforms, esports tournaments, and pro gamers have indicated their presence on social media. Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, they communicate with the gaming community.

6. Check Hitmarker from time to time

Finding an esports job is a time-consuming process. Fortunately, career databases for gamers have made it easier to explore the available opportunities. Hitmarket is one of the most effective resources in this regard.

The main thing is to stay clear about gaming opportunities in sight. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of galling into a trap where your expectations remain unmet.

7. Recruit members to form an esports team

Professional experiences play a pivotal role in forming an esports team and ensuring its success in a matter of time. Before starting your own team, gaining in-depth knowledge and information about the esports industry is important to boost your chances of success.

Today, there are at least several ways to get into esports. You can reach out to teams, tournament providers, organizations, and other companies involved in esports to collect the relevant experience.

Getting in touch with influential individuals within a company can give you a good chance of getting an esports experience. However, if you have a particular field you’re interested in, make sure you secure that part first.

What’s Next?

Knowing how to start an esports team to play effectively takes plenty of work. However, the good news is that there are steps to follow to guide you through your adventure in the esports sector.

Please mind that all esports team owners need to play the matches or tournaments they take part in. Are you one of them? Make sure to follow the above tips and form your own team in the end. Eventually, you will build up a successful career with a strong team behind your back. Don’t miss an opportunity to take your gaming journey to a totally new level.

By Punit