Remodel Your Bathroom

Elegant and good looking interiors are very much a need in the modern-day as house owners are always looking to incorporate designs that both look good and provide additional functionality as well. People feel satisfied and proud when their home interiors make a good statement about their own fashion sense and standard of living. For homes where the money is not a problem, changing the appearance and looks of the interiors from time to time has become an adopted fashion as well. Remodeling different parts of the houses are very much in the trend.

When it comes to bathrooms, the opportunity is there for people to make them look as good and elegant as possible. The smaller spaces are easier to remodel as well requiring much less time, effort, and possible expenses as well. However, when remodeling a bathroom there are many considerations that should be made in order to incorporate just the right designs and materials that provide a durable new finish as well. Materials or products that don’t stand up to humidity or other elements quite well should always be avoided from bathrooms. Here are a few tips on how to remodel your bathroom from start to finish:

1. Change the Color Theme

The first thing you would want to start on is the color theme. This is the most obvious part of any interior space and is visible as soon as someone enters the bathroom. Changing the color theme will require quite a bit of attention to detail though, you will need to change the wall tiles first and then little things after. Tiles on the bathroom walls take up the most space in bathrooms and play the most significant role in change the color theme or general appearance of the whole space.

If you had darker themed tiles before, the best option is to go for lighter brighter colored tiles in order to give it a complete makeover. This type of change would be un-missable and will charm up the bathroom positively. Alternatively, staying the same darker or lighter shades is an available option as well while major base color shift such as moving from a dark grey or black colored tile installation to a dark red or navy blue type of colors will still change the color theme while keeping the same darker tone all over. When considering how to remodel your bathroom from start to finish, changing the color theme all across the bathroom is a good start.

2. Change the Flooring

The second most obvious single object or thing in a bathroom is the flooring. Now there are some ground rules that should always be followed when changing or installing the flooring such as, it should not be too different in color to the color of the wall work or tiles installed, the shades could be different but mixing cream color flooring with dark grey or black tiles will just look too odd and out of place.

When changing the flooring, keep them in tone with the color of the walls so that the whole space looks symmetrical and one color theme. Additionally, change the patterns of the floor tiles or any kind of floor you want to install in your bathroom.

3. Change the Faucets

When looking for ideas on how to remodel your bathroom from start to finish, little things also count a lot. Faucets play an important role in any bathroom space. Their style, color, and sizes are all important factors and should be paid attention to respectively. Faucets are available in the most diverse collection of designs, colors, and finishes. It is significant to choose the ones that will look good along with the rest of the color and design theme you have installed in your bathroom.

Include showerheads in these as well. Match them with the rest of the faucet’s designs and color themes for additional styling of the bathroom space. All these faucets and showerheads including the water pipes if they are visible and on the outside of the walls, can be chosen in contrasting colors to the walls and floor as well. In fact, contrasting colors might be the best option but all of them should be in the same color theme to look symmetrical.

4. Install Glass Shower Doors and Screens

Did you have shower curtains or nothing installed in the shower space? Remodeling the bathroom space is a perfect time to invest in frameless glass shower doors as well. Don’t just stop at shower doors. Extend the whole structure to the whole length and width of the shower space. Install clear or stained glass shower screens and glass shower doors.

Clear ones have the ability to not hide any of the tile designs on the walls. But if the whole bathroom space is meant to be used separately by more than one person at the same time. Stained, tinted, or freckled glass shower screens and doors is the best idea. In the case of tinted glass, keep in mind their color as well. Don’t choose a color that doesn’t match or contrast the rest of the color theme of the bathroom.

5. Create Functional Cabinets and Drawers

Mne important purposes is to organize all the things that are to be stored in them. Beauty products like body or face washes, creams and lotions are not organized properly. Other bathroom items like towels, bins, toothbrushes, toothpaste, or even the dirty clothes baskets are usually not very well organized.

The best idea is to create dedicated drawers and cabinets for all of them. You can keep them separate from each other for the most efficient organization of all this stuff. Laminated or tempered glass cabinets over the sink are best suited for all the creams, pastes, brushes, or electric equipment. It includes hairdryers or massagers. While high ceiling cabinets or bottom floor drawers suit bigger things like towels or dirty clothes baskets perfectly. Give them a detailed thought as these are really important. These are significant to not let clutter scatter around the bathroom and keep it neat and tidy at all times.

6. Make Use of All the Unused Spaces Available for Better Organization

If an organization is your thing, having created or installed cabinets or drawers might still not seal the deal for you. The bathroom cleaning materials still need to go somewhere. No all bathrooms are spacious enough for all those drawers and cabinets to be installed in them. Using all the available spaces intelligently can solve this problem as well. If you look around deeply, you will find a number of unused spaces all around the bathroom. You can manage and organize better to provide added storage spaces for things like cleaners and chemicals.

The spaces below the sink that are usually only used for water supply or drainage pipes are left with rust and nothing else. You can install chromed or some other better material water supply and drainage pipes in those spaces and keep them. The whole space clean will provide you with the opportunity of storing. You can store all the chemicals and cleaners bottles and containers in that little unused space. You won’t require any other extra storage for them. Space above the regular cabinets or drawers in bathrooms can also be used. You can use it as effective storage spaces whenever required.