7 Home Remedies for Amyloidosis Lichen Natural Treatment

amyloidosis lichen home remedies

Amyloidosis is a rare condition relating to the uncontrollable proliferation of protein. It is then accumulated in body organs and causes organ dysfunction. These insoluble proteins can be detected in many organs. But mostly it is found in the heart, liver, kidney, gastrointestinal tracts, nervous system, and skin. This condition is quite hard to diagnose. Because it is rare as well as presents in non-specific manifestations. These may be fatigue, dyspnea ( breathless), edema, paresthesia (a sensation of tingling), and weight loss.

amyloidosis lichen home remedies

Lichen Amyloidosis Treatment

Lichen Amyloidosis is one of the most common forms of primary cutaneous amyloidosis. This is typically found in males between the age of 40 and 50. It is in people with darker skin phototypes. This kind of amyloidosis represents an intense rash on your thighs, forearms, and feet. These may represent multiple pruritic papules which later form plaques if it is not treated properly. Until now, people still don’t know for sure what causes amyloidosis. But, many believe that scratching is partly responsible.

There is no exact treatment for amyloidosis. There are certain methods that are available in your home. These help to live along with this disease by slowing down its’ progression or relieving its’ manifestation. Let’s see what you can count on in fighting against this annoying illness.

Amyloidosis Lichen Home Remedies

1. Red wine

Red wine is considered to be one of the most controversial solutions in treating diseases and amyloidosis in particular. But resveratrol found in red wine has shown to be an effective preventative measure on preventing amyloidosis to develop. Besides that, it has a number of positive health impacts that have not been explained clearly yet. So add a glass of red wine to your intake list every week would do no harm but flavor yourself.

2. Food rich in fiber

The digestive tract in amyloidosis patients is particularly vulnerable and easy to get damage. A diet containing a high level of fiber is essential. Those fiber help to smoothen your intestinal passage and facilitate your bowel function which in return improve the absorption of nutrients. While 21 to 25 grams of fiber is essential for women, men are recommended to take 30 to 38 grams of fiber on a daily basis.

3. Low-Salt Diet

Studies show that a diet of a low level of salt is beneficial in reducing the severity of amyloidosis as well as preventing it to spread in your entire body. So consult with your health specialist about your dietary changes and monitor it carefully to have the best result.

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients, especially those beneficial compounds like potassium which is a crucial home remedy in preventing amyloidosis. Moreover, the heart is where amyloid most likely to represent and particular fruits and vegetables such as avocados, bananas, oranges, pineapples, spinach, and tomatoes have an amazing protective effect on your heart. It can prevent your heart from further serious complications.

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5. Germanium

Similar to red wine, germanium has been studied by early researches to be an effective alternative treatment in terms of preventing amyloidosis. It can be found in various compounds, such as germanium plants. You can use a supplemental form of germanium and make sure to discuss it with your physician for your proper doses.

6. Omega-3s

Omega-3s is of importance in protecting your heart, your blood vessels as well as ensuring your circulatory system function properly and healthy. It reduces significantly the chance of getting coronary heart diseases and atherosclerosis which can worsen your amyloidosis of it represent in your cardiovascular system. So if you are suffering one of the amyloidosis forms in your heart or vascular system, add omega-3s to your diet to boost your heart strength and prevent further complications.

7. Rest

Last but not least, make sure that you have enough rest during the day. It is obvious that amyloidosis affects your body intensely, organs that are influenced by this disease are typically having excessive stress to overwork so that they can remain their normal functioning. If you try to work with force, you are literally exacerbating your condition by fastening the breakdown process of the affected tissues and organs. So lifestyle changes may be necessary for you if you’re diagnosed with amyloidosis.

Lichen Amyloidosis Diet

Amyloidosis is still an unsolved mysterious disease in which scientists have not found out the main cause as well as the exact cure yet. You might be an unlucky one suffering this kind of disease and that you have to live with it for your whole life. The above provide no treatment but rather a preventative solution. You do need proper medical care if you are in a progressive stage or even in the early stage and consult with your physician to see if you can use one of the above methods to relieve your symptoms or prevent its’ complications.