One of the biggest problems for ladies during their pregnancy is back pain. As the baby inside the belly grows, so does the weight. This increasing weight shifts the body’s central position and gravitational center. Our bones support our weight, but when you are carrying extra weight at a different gravitational angle, your body forces extra strain on your back. This leads to muscle stretch in the back and extreme back pain.

It can sometimes bend the backbone and rupture many of the supporting nerves and muscles. Hence, further increasing the pain. The only solution to this problem is early yoga or doing prenatal yoga at the early stages of your pregnancy. But if you were doing yoga and still feeling back pain, here are some of the asanas that you should try. They will help you get rid of the pain.

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Asanas To getting Rid Of Back Pain:

Here are the asanas that will help you get rid of the pain.

●      Easy Seated Side Bend:

This is a very essential, easy, and very beneficial pose in case of back pain. This pose helps provide support to your back muscles so they do not get ruptured. Here is how to do this pose. Start by sitting on the edge of support, (use the blanket as support). Cross your legs as you sit in the asana, make sure that your left leg is above the right leg and vice versa. Keep your back straight, and one arm on the ground. Now, inhale and lift the other arm and bend towards the seated hand or right direction. Repeat this in the left direction and keep breathing during the repetition.

●      Cat pose:

Cat pose is also very beneficial as it provides the required support, straightens your back muscles. Not only that it is also easy to do and repeat. All you need to do is come on your hands, and your folded knees. Now, inhale, and bend your back and look forward and exhale and look down while pushing your back to the upward direction. Repeat as much as you can with different breaks if you want. Do not overdo this single pose and try a combination of other poses mixed. It will allow your muscles to become stronger and will also get your body to be ready for a change in the center of gravity.

●      Pelvic Tilts:

The Pelvic Tilts pose helps your pelvic muscles and lower pressure from around the pelvic area during the pregnancy. This pose starts by laying down peacefully. Do deep inhale and exhale. Now, lift your knees while keeping your feet on the ground. Make sure that your hands are in a rest position. Now, slowly lift and tilt your pelvic. This small movement and upper bend will help your pelvic muscles and will also improve the strength of your back. It will allow you to carry a higher weight, especially the weight of pregnancy.

●      Bridge Pose:

This is also a simple pose that requires laying down on the ground. After laying down, you should fold your legs close to your hips. After that try to push your body slightly upwards. Now, your head will be on the ground, your hips and back will be in the air, and your feet and hand will also be on the ground. This pose is multipurpose. It gives the strength to your body that you need to carry the weight in your belly. It also helps you stretch your muscles so that in the future when your back feels pain, your muscles would have the ability to be flexible.

●      Seated Open Twist:

The seated open twist pose as the name suggests is done while you are sitting in a comfortable position. For pregnant ladies, this pose can help open the pelvis so that childbirth becomes easier. All you need to do is to sit, fold your legs in the comfortable seated position. Now, spread one leg in front of you. And keep the other leg folded. Bend your face and back towards the side on which your leg is spread. Do the same with the other leg and keep breathing.

●      Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend:

This is also a pregnancy-related pose in prenatal yoga that you need to do. All you need to do is to spread your legs as much as possible in the opposite directions in front of you. Now, while your legs are wide open, slowly bend yourself to the forward position. Repeat this again and again. This will strengthen your entire body and will make you flexible.


If you want to get rid of the back pain, you should practice prenatal yoga. The poses given above are very helpful. But you should learn them first. You can learn them from Arhanta Yoga Ashram.