Choose the Ideal Boat

Whether you wish to cruise along the open water under a retreating sunset, or you want to take up fishing and find yourself the catch of a lifetime, owning a boat is a great deal of fun. 

However, it is worth noting that maintaining a boat can be extremely hard work, particularly when considering the cost of regular cleaning and mooring costs, so making sure that you choose the ideal boat in the first instance is a must. 

Before you take the leap and become a proud boat owner, here are some tips to help you make the right choice. 

The Cost

The cost of a boat can ranges from dirt cheap to jaw-droppingly expensive and everything in between, and they are purpose-built, so thinking about what exactly you want to use your boat for is probably the best place to start. 

For example, there are fishing boats, yachts, rowboats, sailing boats, trawlers, powerboats, and much more. If you wanted a nice all-rounder that the whole family can enjoy, it might be worth taking a look at the Merry Fisher options, the Botnia Targa, or a cabin cruiser of some description. 

Also, looking for boat repo auctions online is a great option if you want to save some money. 

How Do You Want to Travel on the Water?

This may seem like an obvious answer, but it can greatly influence the final price of the boat, particularly if you decide to opt for a model with a larger engine. 

Fuel costs are rising, and the presence of the engine itself can affect the price of the boat. Sailboats will not require fuel, but they take longer to master and generally cannot travel as fast. Of course, you could always invest in a detachable engine later down the line if you need extra speed and convenience. 

Cabin Space

If you plan to spend a great deal of time in your boat, you will probably need the space and storage to accommodate your physical needs. 

Boats can look huge from the outside and have a tiny cabin, and sometimes the opposite can also be true, so it is worth checking out the space in person if you get a chance, or at least take note of the measurements. 

Storage Practicalities

Depending on where you plan to use your boat, the practicalities of keeping it safe and attending to its maintenance needs must be addressed.  

For example, if your state gets extremely cold in the winter, the boat will likely need to be moved into storage to protect it from the elements, so making sure that you have the room for it is essential. 

Moreover, the price of keeping it docked can be a fairly large annual sum, so it is worth thinking about whether or not you can afford the recurring costs and if your local area has the space for your boat in the first instance. 


This will likely differ based on the size and type of your boat and the local state laws but checking out which permits you to need before setting out on the water may potentially save you from some nasty fines. 

By Punit