Raksha Bandhan has always gone hand in hand with the gifts and hearty wishes. In earlier times, it was very difficult for the brothers and sisters who are living in different cities and countries to send each other gifts. But, with the changing time and advancing technology, today’s market is loaded with many booming techniques and methods that have made the tiring task of sending and receiving simpler.

Houseplants To Give to Loved Ones as Gift

Like every other Indian festival, Raksha Bandhan is also incomplete without gifts. Both brothers and sisters start preparing for their gifts almost a month before. If you have not yet selected what you are going to give your brother on this Rakhi, then there is no need to panic as here is a wonderful idea for you. You can choose to give cute little potted houseplants to your loving brother. Apart from their beauty, there are many other reasons that are enough to make your mind about these little cuties. Some of them are listed below:

  • They purify the surrounding air
  • Best house décor items
  • They keep the mind focus
  • They also cure cough and cold
  • Promote mental health

So, do you have any better idea than this amazingly beautiful potted plant? If no, then let’s get started with the different types of plants that are available in the market from where you can choose your favorite one according to the infrastructure and person’s category.

1. ZZ plant for beginners

If your brother is the one who has no idea how to take care of plants, then this one is the perfect option for you to go with. It needs very less water. There is no need for gardening skills to maintain the health of this plant. Just water it in every couple of weeks and keep it in indirect sunlight.

2. Snake plant for small apartments

Are you looking for a plant that you can give to your brother who is living in a hostel? Then, this one is the solution. It can grow perfectly in all light conditions and one of the most important features of this plant is that it grows upwards not sideward’s which is perfect for the small apartments.

3. Umbrella Plant for the window rooms

If your brother is a greenery lover, then you can opt this plant without thinking much. They need ample sunlight, water, and space to grow. They will take as much space they want and will the room with greenery all around.

4. Money tree to gift someone

This fast-growing plant is a perfect gift option, but remembers to gift it to those who can water it every time the soil dries out. Also, they need a full room to grow as they grow faster and in all directions.

5. Pothos jade for the impatient one

This plant will grow to sidewalls, and table corners if watered every now and then when the soil crave for it. It is a climbing vine which is a perfect entertaining package that will make your room looks even better.

6. Peace lily for the flowers’ lover

If your brother loves to see flowers growing, then this plant can be a perfect Rakhi gifts for him. Transparent and huge white blooming flowers are the best thing about this plant. It only needs water when the leaves start dropping and give it medium sunlight to grow, and you are all sorter for the best flowering plant.

7. Cactus for someone who wants something unique

This long-living or forever living plant is the one which is less preferred over other blossomy plants, but still, they have their own fan base. It will not grow much and will not need much water, but let them have plenty of sunlight for the greenery. These plants are one of the best options to go with.

So, all these potted houseplants make a cool and thoughtful gift which will surely leave your brother amazed. Pick any one of these either for your college-going or office going brother.