Around 66% of American households have at least one houseplant, which shows we’re passionate about plants. 

Houseplants are a fantastic way to purify the air, boost your productivity, and relieve stress. Perhaps you’re eager to cover your home in plants, but you’re worried about taking care of them.

House Plant Guide

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our house plant guide to help you. 

Boston Fern

Homeowners looking for easy house plants should consider a Boston fern. These beauties instantly capture your attention, thanks to their fountain-like leaves. Know these plants love medium levels of light and water them regularly to nourish their foliage. 

Rubber Plant

No house plant care guide is complete without mentioning rubber plants. Plant enthusiasts particularly love the leaves, how the burgundy contrasts with the forest green. So pot your rubber plant in a colorful planter and keep it by the window so your plant can soak up the sun


One of the most popular house plants is yuccas, otherwise known as dracaenas. These house plants are distinctive because of their thick, textured trunks and can even grow to 2 meters. It’s important to note that these should sit in a sun-drenched spot and be regularly watered.  

Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss cheese plants are a popular monstera, mainly because of their huge holey leaves. These are perfect for beginners because, with little effort, they can grow enormous if they’ve got enough space. For instance, if you place them next to a trellis, then they will quickly climb to the top. 

Money Tree

The second best thing about money growing on trees is the elegant money tree. So it’s no surprise that this house plant is a popular gift for birthdays and housewarmings, as legend believes that as the plant flourishes, so does the plant parent. 

If you want to learn more, check out this Money Tree plant care guide

Peace Lilies

One of the most common house plants is peace lilies. Homeowners love this species because white flowers burst amidst the deep green foliage, a spectacular sight. 

It’s important to note that peace lilies thrive in indirect light but they can adapt to low light settings too.  

Spider Plant

If you’re after low-maintenance indoor house plants, spider plants are for you. This species is impossible to kill and you can either place them in bright or darker places. 

A major benefit is this species comes in an array of sizes so you can either hang one in a macrame hanger or on your bookshelf.  

Our House Plant Guide

Hopefully, our house plant guide helped you and you’ll soon become a plant parent.  

There are plenty of low-maintenance plants such as swiss cheese plants and peace lilies which are a beautiful addition to any room. You should also get a spider plant, money tree, and yucca to create your indoor jungle. Good luck! 

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By Punit