Perfect Basement

During previous days the basement is considered as a place to gather all the old things such as toys, furniture, pictures etc. Then, no one much concern about the safety and security of the basement.

However, these days the perfect basement is the first priority of every homeowner. So, instead of making basement unused space basement remodel reflects the value of your house. Additionally, it enhances the selling value of your home.

Apart from this, it also helps to keep the home clean and safe as well. Then, no more maladies will enter into the home.

Here are some tips which you have to follow while updating your basement.

1. Make a proper plan:

For proper basement don’t spend too much money on unnecessary things. Make sure that you have proper planning of how you design your basement in an effective manner. A proper plan is a must for a perfect basement if you want to make your home more valuable.

2. Resolve the Water Problems Immediately:

If you live in a flood-prone area, which is full of humidity and precipitation then, immediately take some step to solve this problem. If once your basement suffers from flooding then its repair is expensive. So, the better option is to keep it already safe.

For such type of water problems you have to install one thing in your basement:

3. Sump Pump

Sump Pumps helps to eliminate the water out from the basement. Owing to which it does not gather into the basement. You can choose a sump pump according to the size of your basement.

Make sure that your sump pump should be connected to the Sump Pump Alarms. It will send you notification even on your mobile phone when water exceeds its limit.

4. Must Create Living Space for Utilization:

Remodeling of your basement reflects the beauty of your home. It adds charm and spice to your home. So, in order to make it more valuable make rooms in it that appealing more people. Its good examples are guest rooms, hobby rooms, theater rooms.

Additionally, you can also make play area or a garden which will fascinate everyone towards it. Kids, as well as senior members, can cherish their time by indulging in some game there. Besides this, young ones can make their workout room for doing exercise and to remain fit as a fiddle.

5. Walkout Basement is Best Type:

If your basement has a window and doors and has an open basement then that is more valuable. However, closed or tight basements are not liked by anyone. Walkout basement contains natural light, more than one exits and a view of backyard also.

While for such type of basement you have to invest more amount of money. This construction is more expensive than anyone else. But if you want to spend a low amount then you can upgrade it with only windows.

6. Don’t use Vinyl Flooring, Try Carpet:

Vinyl traps moisture and humidity, which make basement more damp place. It also gives rise to the growth of molds due to precipitation formation. In order to mitigate this problem opt to utilize non-wool carpeting tiles. They are not only protected the home from the humidity but also keep it warm especially during winter.        

Apart from this, you can also use Ceramic tiles, Epoxy floor coating, and Hardware flooring to move out from this problem.

7. Consult Engineer For Design:

If you want to give a new design to your basement by removing walls and pillars. Then, don’t forget to consult once with a structural engineer. They give you the right advice which will prove better for you as well as your basement safety. In some cases like as natural disasters or any type of other such unexpected situations, pillars may be very important for the basement.

Lastly, you can double the value of your home by maintaining a proper basement and make it more appealing. It will not enhance the beauty of your home but also increase its selling price.

By Punit