12 Hacking Movies That Show Hackers at Their Best!

Hacking Movies

We are in an era where technology is ruling, and every day there is something new available to us. To keep the same in mind, here we have curated a list of hacker movies that you can watch in 2022. Keep reading till the end to find out about it!

In this section, we are discussing the best movies for hackers available to watch till date:-

1. WarGames (1983):

The film WarGames follows the exploits of David Lightman (Broderick), a high school student hacker who mistakenly hacks into a military supercomputer, causing the outbreak of World War III.

2. Hackers (1995):

This cult favourite is ranked second in our list of the best hacking films. The hacker film gets a lot right, most notably in its depiction of youngsters using computers to form their own community.

Hackers stars Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller as two innocent yet clever hackers.

Miller portrays a hacker who was captured as a very young lad (11) for breaking hundreds of computers and sentenced to be without computer access until the age of eighteen.

If you’re wondering about how hackers manipulate social media to gain crucial information about your equipment, this film will not disappoint.

3. Algorithm (2014)

“Algorithm” follows Will as a freelance computer hacker who “infiltrates a top-secret government contractor and downloads all their newly developed programmes.” This is one of the all-time great hacker flicks.

4. Takedown, aka Track Down (2000):

Kevin David Mitnick, a well-known computer hacker in the United States, is the subject of this video. The plot, which is based on Tsutomu Shimomura’s book, tends to glorify Shimomura.

Mitnick operated throughout the 1980s and 1990s and eventually served time in prison. He is currently a highly compensated specialist, lecturer, and author in the field of information technology security.

5. The Italian Job:

Although the MINI Coopers are the actual heroes of The Italian Job (a remake of the 1969 film of the same name), Seth Green stars as Lyle, a hacker among a band of skilled criminals capable of controlling traffic lights and other electrical components essential for this colossal heist.

6. Live free or die hard (2007):

Live Free or Die Hard (also known as Die Hard 4 and Die Hard 4.0 outside of North America) is a 2007 American action film and the fourth instalment of the Die Hard franchise.

The film series depicts a scenario in which a hacker, played by Timothy Olyphant (of Justified fame), attempts to steal trillions of dollars from the Federal Reserve by destroying virtually all of the United States’ infrastructure.

7. Blackhat (2015)

Blackhat, the latest film starring Chris Hemsworth, was recently released. In this video, hackers infiltrate a Chinese nuclear power plant with the intent of triggering a nuclear reaction.

Simultaneously, they hack into the stock market and steal millions of dollars from a bank.

This video highlights the threat that black-hat hackers represent to governments.

8. Untraceable (2008)

This hacker film chronicles the exploits of a serial killer who manipulates contraptions to murder his victims according to the number of clicks on a website named KillWithMe.com, which features a live streaming video of the victim.

Millions of people connect, hastening the victims’ deaths.

9. The Matrix (1999):

This is one of the greatest science fiction films of all time.

The film depicts a dystopian future in which the bulk of mankind perceives reality as a simulated environment, nicknamed “the Matrix,” created by sentient machines to control the human population by harvesting their heat and electrical activity as a source of energy.

Neo, a computer hacker, learns this truth and is drawn into a rebellion against the robots alongside other humans who have escaped the “dream world.” The Matrix series consists of three films.

10. Eagle Eye (2008):

In this hacking film, two people receive a call from an unknown number from a lady. They receive a phone call with a task that, if not completed, would result in their death.

In this clip, a supercomputer is seen hacking into numerous sorts of networks, including military networks.

This is an excellent video on how artificial intelligence computers may be used to subvert our actual lives.

11. Fifth Estate (2013):

In The Fifth Estate, a hacking film, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are hacked. Cumberbatch skillfully plays Assange as an arrogant idealist on a drive to transform the world.

Few Americans are aware that Assange is a world-famous (or notorious) hacker based in his native Australia. He broke into the Pentagon, Citibank, NASA, and Stanford University, among other sites, before being captured.

12. Snowden (2016):

The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man is a film adaptation of the same-titled book.

The narrative depicts the NSA’s illegal surveillance on US and worldwide people. Snowden revealed these practises to the public via hundreds of classified documents, eliciting a widespread public outcry.

Many of these hacker films do not accurately portray cybersecurity and the hacker milieu—for example, you will not learn any new pen testing techniques—but they are really enjoyable to watch. This list has everything, whether you’re searching for some light counterculture humour on a Friday night or a mind-bending drama that makes you question your reality.