Your actions and lifestyle aren’t neutral. They either enhance your brain health and brain function or make them worse. Below are some beneficial habits you can inculcate that can improve your brain health and brain power:


The importance of exercise cannot be emphasized enough. We have earlier examined the scientific studies that showed that exercise plays a vital role in brain health and brain power.

It has always been known that regular exercise has physical benefits such as weight reduction, keeping fit, building muscle mass, and helping you develop the kind of physique you desire. However, scientists have made it clear that it also helps in brain development. So, if you have been procrastinating the decision to start regular exercise or have been inconsistent, you have an added reason to be motivated now.

No one wants a physically fit person that is not mentally sound. Exercise helps you to be both physically and mentally fit. So, you don’t have an excuse to delay the decision. Note that you don’t have to hit the gym to do this. You can have home workout routines and still enjoy the same benefits.

Get Some Sunlight

There has been so much emphasis on the harmful effects of excessive exposure to sunlight that we might forget the benefits of this gift of nature. There is no doubt that excessive exposure to sunlight is dangerous. Still, it’s also harmful when you have too little of it. When you don’t have adequate sunlight, it’s not good for your brain because it will not have enough Vitamin D.

The danger of inadequate Vitamin D is that it inhibits brain functions and can also speed up the aging process. So, ensure that you have enough sunlight, especially in the early hours of the day. If you’re not getting enough sunlight due to the part of the world you live in, or the period of the year, you should consider taking Vitamin D supplements. However, you should ensure that you take it in moderation to avoid suffering side effects.

Play Tetris

Tetris is a common game that many people play for fun. Unknown to many people that play it, it has several positive impacts on the brain. Studies have proven that it could increase grey matter for a short period.

The result of this increase is that your efficiency when performing spatially-related tasks will be enhanced. Interestingly, playing this game after suffering a traumatic experience can help your brain avoid solidifying those memories. Therefore, people who play Tetris are less likely to have frequent flashbacks to negative memories over the long haul.

If you have a phone or tablet, try to install this game and play it during your leisure period. It’s remarkably easy to play. So, you won’t have issues getting used to it. Still, ensure that you don’t get excessive with it. Anything that isn’t controlled will lead to harmful effects. So, it’s recommended that you time yourself when playing it.

Have Quality Sleep

The quality of sleep you get goes a long way in determining your efficiency during the day. Don’t let starting early and sleeping late become your culture. Of course, there might be situations that will require you to cut down on how much you sleep to enable you to give more to your career or any other thing that is important to you.

However, you shouldn’t let it be the norm. When you have irregular sleep patterns, it will affect your brain. Your brain likes habits and patterns because it enables it to save more energy. So, you’ll be doing your brain health and brain power a lot of good if you have a stable time you sleep and wake up. You’ll hardly need an alarm when you have a regular sleeping pattern, which bodes well for your cognitive functioning.

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Eat for Your Brain

This shows that you cannot be termed “healthy” unless you have fulfilled these criteria. You have to be emotionally, physically, and socially healthy to be a whole individual. Your feeding habit plays a crucial role in ensuring that your wellbeing in every area is intact. Consume antioxidants and amino acids, and vitamin E. Drinking wine in moderation can also be beneficial to improve your cognitive function. Nuts, blueberries, whole grains, and avocados will also do your cognitive functioning a lot of good. A good body without a good brain is of no use. So, eat for your brain.

Telling you to avoid stress altogether isn’t feasible due to the nature of the modern world. We are all under constant pressure to fulfill our potentials and be the best we can be, which isn’t bad. However, it’s problematic when you allow pressure to overwhelm you such that it begins to affect your physiological and cognitive functioning. So, it’s essential that you leverage stress management techniques that can help you release tension.

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