Who is Gwynne Gilford, the man behind the pseudonym Gwyn?

Gloria “A New Kind of Family,” “The Young Lawyers,” and “The Waverly Wonders” are among the many roles Gwynne Gilford has played on screen, as are “Beware! Gilford earned a degree in the field. Actress Gilford made her acting debut in 1969 when she appeared in an episode of ‘The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. Larry Hagman’s comedy-horror film, Beware! The Blob premiered three years later, and she appeared on the big screen in the role.

In the 1970s and early 1980s, she starred alongside Barnard Hughes, Dennis Christopher, and Dolph Lundgren on the silver screen. She gave up acting in the late 1980s to study psychotherapy with her daughter. Richard Gere is her husband, and she has two children with him: actress Kristin Wiig and actor Chris Pine.


Gloria Gwynne Gilford made her acting debut in ‘The Courtship of Eddie’s Father,’ an episode of the A.B.C. sitcom from season one in 1969. She appeared in a season one episode of N.B.C.’s ‘Then Came Bronson’ a year later. While on C.B.S.’ ‘Medical Center’ (1970), she played Mary Douglas; while on C.B.S.’ ‘Gunsmoke’ (1973), she played Dora Lou Fowler (1971). On A.B.C.’s legal drama series “The Young Lawyers,” she played two different characters in two other episodes.

She made her film debut in ‘Beware! The Blob’, a comedy horror directed by Larry Hagman, in 1972. The 1958 film ‘The Blob’ also features Robert Walker, Richard Stahl, and Richard Webb. It was met with mixed reviews when released, but the film and its predecessor have since become cult favorites. In 1973, she appeared as a special guest star on the A.B.C. crime drama ‘The F.B.I.’

She starred in the television movie titled “Satan’s School for Girls.” The film, which was written and directed by David Lowell Rich, tells the story of a young woman trying to come to terms with the suicide of her sister. Ruby and Oswald (1978) and The Chopped Liver Brothers (1977) were two television films she appeared in with Philip Burns and Robert Emhardt.

Early Career

In the short-lived N.B.C. sitcom, she was cast as Linda Harris ‘The Waverly Wonders,’ which ran from September 7 to October 6, 1978. As Officer Anne Oshenbull in the 1980 psychological thriller “Fade to Black,” Gilford made a triumphant comeback to the big screen. Eight episodes of A.B.C.’s sitcom ‘A New Kind of Family’ starred her as Abby Stone from 1979 to 1980.

Gwynne Gilford gunsmoke appeared in her husband’s television show, ‘CHiPs,’ alongside him (1979-81). A season four episode of A.B.C.’s “Hart to Hart” featured her as Eva Taylor. Actress Meredith Baxter Birney, Ben Masters, Georgann Johnson, Tracy Nelson, and Shari Belafonte co-starred in the 1986 television film ‘Kate’s Secret’ The 1987 superhero film ‘Masters of the Universe’ was her final appearance on the big screen. After being panned by critics and the general public, her last movie has since gained cult status, much like her debut.

In the late 1980s, after she decided to retire from acting, Gilford chose to go to school for psychotherapy with the help of her daughter and succeed. She has a private practice in Studio City, Los Angeles, where she is a licensed psychotherapist.

The net worth of Gwynne Gilford

Actress and psychotherapist Gwynne Gilford has a net worth of $4 million.

Life at Home and in the Community

Anne Gwynne Gilford and lawyer Max M. Gilford welcomed Gwynne Gilford into the world on July 27, 1946, in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. He’s called Gregory, and he’s her brother. When her father died, she was just 18 years old. Her mother, who had never remarried, began to decline in the 1990s. She was eventually forced to move into the Motion Picture Country Home due to her declining health.

Actress Anne Gwynne died on March 31, 2003, after suffering complications from a stroke at the Motion Picture Country Hospital. She is descended from Russian Jewish immigrants on her father’s side, while her mother’s family hails from England, Wales, and France.

Actor Robert Pine wed Gilford on September 6, 1969. On the crime-drama ‘CHiPs,’ she has appeared as the wife of Sgt. Joe Getraer. September 24, 1972, was the date that their daughter Katherine Pine was born. A former actress turned therapist, she follows in the footsteps of her mother. A 1998 television film sequel to “CHiPs” called “CHiPs ’99” featured her father alongside her in the cast. She is currently working as a marriage and family therapist in Studio City, Los Angeles.

In 1980, Chris was born to Gilford and Pine. He’s currently one of Hollywood’s biggest names. Star Trek’s Captain James T. Kirk, Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, and Robert the Bruce in Outlaw King are just some of the memorable roles he has had to play in his career.

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