Summer in Myrtle Beach

Though the daylight hours may stretch late into the evening, and the July and August highs may seem to set new records regularly, the summer is, in fact, not endless. The breeze will turn crisp come September, carrying the scent of fallen leaves. The curious folk you see every day at the bus stop or the cafe will don their sweaters and hats as though October rolled in overnight.

While every season is special in a unique way, summer stands apart as the ideal climate for water-borne activities. It’s not too late to plan a splash-filled getaway to the beach. Wait too long, however, and you might regret missing out on all these delightful, water-loving things to do in Myrtle Beach.

Summer in Myrtle Beach

Cool Off On Thrilling Water Rides

“A water park at the beach?” you ask. It may seem redundant, but think again. Does the beach have dozens of exhilarating water slides where you can race your friend to a glorious finale in the pool? Does the beach allow you to sunbathe in an innertube, nonchalantly floating with the current, without being forever lost to the vast Atlantic Ocean? Maybe skip the haunting notions of the oceanic depths, and opt for a Myrtle Beach water park instead!

Myrtle Waves Water Park features four water slides and four tube slides. The Rockin’ Ray is a wild concept in which you and your friend slide downward to gain momentum, then steeply back upward into a half-pipe before veering back down into the pool. Turbo Twisters is only for the brave, with three enclosed slides that send you zooming in twists and turns in total darkness. Myrtle Waves Water Park also has a FlowRider where anyone can show off their surfing skills, plus a wave pool, two floating rivers, and a kiddie pool area.

Summer in Myrtle Beach

Meet Sea Creatures In Their Natural Habitat

The Grand Strand is known not just for its beachy flair, restaurants, shops and nightlife, but also for its awe-inspiring wildlife. At Coastal Scuba, you can learn how to scuba dive, rent gear for your independent venture, or participate in a diving charter. Their diving charters visit 15 different sites, often featuring historic sunken ships, where you are bound to rub elbows with aquatic life like black sea bass, Spanish mackerel, coral sponges, barracuda, sea turtles and many others.

If you’re not a fan of what lingers below the surface, head over to Dolphin Watch & Watersports. Not only can you rent jet skis and go on parasailing tours with their parent brand, Express Watersports, but you can also embark on a spectacular dolphin sightseeing cruise from the safety of the boat. Or, take a relaxing airboat excursion on the Waccamaw, Black and Pee Dee Rivers with Plantation River Tours & Airboat Tours.

Among the mossy oaks and historic plantations, you could encounter alligators, osprey, eagles and many other coastal critters. Between these three watery adventures, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to befriend a sea creature without disturbing him in his natural habitat.

Summer in Myrtle Beach

Take Home A Fresh Catch

For an authentic Lowcountry experience on the water, a fishing charter is an absolute must. Fish Screamer Charters is an excellent place to start if you’ve never been deep sea fishing. Captain Danny Juel offers 35 years of experience in both offshore and inshore fishing. The Fish Screamer III is decked out with the latest technology for finding fish and is fully insured and licensed. If you’re a veteran angler, you’ll love the opportunity to catch sharks, mackerel, black sea bass, grouper and snapper. There’s no more inspiring feeling of pride than catching a record-setter for tonight’s dinner!

Summer in Myrtle Beach

Make A Splash-Filled Escape

So you beat an escape room once, and now you can boast about your awesome detective skills. Well, what about your survival skills? Escaping from a mere room is cute compared to escaping from an island! At River Island Adventures, your team of two is taken to a 48-acre private island on the Waccamaw River, miles from any civilization, where you must cooperate to conquer four challenges.

You must hurry to follow the clues to unlock your kayak and paddles before the other teams beat you back to the outpost and win the prize! This one-of-a-kind wilderness game is a chance to enjoy the local flora and fauna, get some crucial water time, and have fun with your group of friends or family.


Step aside, Christmas. Summertime is the most wonderful time of the year — especially for mermaids and water-loving humans like us! Though these warmer months sadly are not endless, the plethora of diverse and thrilling water activities in Myrtle Beach most definitely are. Take your well-deserved beachside vacation soon, before everything turns pumpkin-flavored.

By Punit