A few years ago, modern girls were attracted only to western dress especially when they thought about party dressing. Because they considered all traditional attires such as Kurtis, salwar suits and sarees are suitable for social functions. Obviously they would have wanted to dress up in conventional attire. Nonetheless, the time has taken U-turn and the front open Kurti has emerged as a new sensation. Well! All the credit must be given to Indian designers for presenting mesmerizing patterns particularly in front open Kurtis. Guess what? The result is crystal clear! Today all fancy girls are crazy for front open Kurti so let’s see how this pattern came into action and gained the top position in party dressing.

1. Give a glamorous touch to the personality

front open kurti

After observing the above image, Can any girl go with western gowns instead of front-open –Kurtis? Big No! Simply because a girl can pull out glamorous appearance through this long tunic why would she want to dress up in gown! Moreover, the front cut pattern honestly gives a glamorous touch to the personality that is required for a girl to step into the party.

2. Spend less get more

front open kurti

The overall price of western gowns or a midi dresses is way high as compared to wholesale Kurtis of a front open pattern. In fact, Girls can buy two different parties to wear Kurtis from the same price which they spend on a single gown. Nowadays Modern girls attend a party almost every weekend during the month so they can’t afford to buy a new gown for every party. In this scenario, front open Kurti has become the first choice for them

3. A great mix of traditional & western pattern

front open kurti

The first noticeable thing in is a smart mix of traditional and western designs and that is what women love about it so much. In any other traditional attire like salwar suit, Sarees or lehenga choli, Indian designers couldn’t successfully mix-match traditional and western patterns. In opposite the front open style has got a variety of indo-western combination therefore each front open Kurti is decorated by amazing indo western designs.

4. Best Outfit for a casual outing

front open kurti

Girls don’t want to put much effort while they are getting ready for a casual day out. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t want to look fancy. But the thing is they don’t want to spend a lot of time and money behind casual dressing.  However, with front open Kurti, any girl is getting ready in a few minutes as well as look very stylish.

5. Comfy outfit for summer

front open kurti

In the summertime, western gown is not a good choice in India. Because the body needs proper air circulation to stay cool. Whereas the front open cutting style provides tremendous air circulation. Because the wholesale dress material used by manufacturers is very thin. Hence it also looks very superb on any girl. This is the main reason; front –open –Kurti becomes a most preferred outfit during hot summer.

By considering front –open-Kurtis popularity in the current scenario, conclusion says that the style has definitely reached sky height in party wear dressing

By Punit