Do you frequently fall in love with old, charming details many cottages display in their lavatories? Even though they appear rustic, they bring out a special appeal that makes you want to stay there forever. Such extraordinary allure always makes you feel so relaxed and enchanted. So, what’s stopping you from creating such a gorgeous French country bathroom? 

Bathroom Style Design

If you don’t know how to begin, check out these 12 ideas. Draw inspiration from these magnificent setups, and create the bathroom of your dreams. Every detail matters so, let your creative juices flow through your veins!

1. Elegant shower room

Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t need a free-standing tub to create a masterpiece such as a French country bathroom. Awaken the French spirit by creating an elegant shower room! How can you incorporate such style in the place you have available?

New classic tiles combined with antique brass fixtures and hardware are ideal for this style. Implement a gilded French mirror and a sparkling chandelier for a complete atmosphere. For a vintage touch, add a wooden table for fresh towels and a gorgeous antique vase. 

2. Mid-century style

Is merging modern elements with the antique design possible? You wouldn’t believe how good the modern French farmhouse bathroom design looks! To create such a design, make a bold move by transforming your mid-century cabinet into a vanity with a sink. This type of style is exactly what you’re going to see in French country bathrooms.

Before renovating your bathroom, think about the elements you can use in your new design. You can use modern furniture with vintage and antique finishing touches and create a timeless artistic masterpiece in your bathroom.

3. Use natural stone

Materials that stand the test of time such as stone are perfect for creating an idyllic French country bathroom of your dreams. It’s a perfect way of bringing back gorgeous materials the earth is offering is in a layout that will merge a modern bathroom with a rustic style into a comprehensive design. So, how can you achieve that?

Pick bathroom elements of your choice. However, make sure they have a vintage touch to them. Don’t go over the board with the colours. Pick simple white, cream or shades of blue to resemble the old times. To complete the design, use natural stone as a focal point. Create a mosaic wall or implement a charming stone floor that will create a feeling you desire. 

4. Lovely double sinks 

Is luxurious yet vintage a thing? You’ve surely noticed how in many hotel rooms bathrooms have double sinks. They are quite handy when it comes to brushing your teeth with your significant other. So, match them with your desired French country look!

Implement white, classic double sinks to an antique wooden vanity. Leave out space below the top of the vanity as storage space for crisp white towels you love to use. On top of that, use as many natural materials, such as wood, as possible as it will truly bring the French country style to your bathroom.

5. Vintage fixtures

The secret to creating a French country bathroom is in little details rarely anyone pays attention to, but their role is to bring the whole room together. If you want to create a lovely designed bathroom that resembles the old times in France, put attention to fixtures and hardware.

Instead of going for modern or plain fixtures and taps, opt for the vintage ones. To select adequate fixtures, look for the quality. Even though this may seem unnecessarily expensive, you can find inexpensive vintage fixtures at flea markets and thrift stores. Believe it or not, they are one of the central pieces that will make the entire bathroom look well-put-together. 

6. Rustic copper bathtub

There’s nothing quite mesmerising as a large lavatory that can fit all your desired elements. Many people dream about having spacious bathrooms as they are perfect for French country style design. So, how can you use your large space in the best way possible?

A spacious room and a bigger budget will allow you to implement a gorgeous rustic copper bathtub that time travelled right to your bathroom! Complete the atmosphere with French hexagonal tiles on the floor and neutral matte paint on the walls. For additional luxury, install a vintage French fireplace with a stunning upholstered velvet loveseat in front of it. 

7. Renovated barn

Are you a fan of the 17th-century knights that use chivalry to defend the evil? Then this renovated French barn style will certainly win your heart over like Prince Charming on the white horse! By combining old and natural materials, you’ll create a French farmhouse bathroom of your dreams.

Install rustic stone vanity with a simple sink and a couple of built-in shelves for storage. Focus on the colours of construction materials you can find in nature, such as grey stones and brown wood. Liven up your bathroom with a stunning pebble floor and complete the entire look by adding beautiful French Provence flowers.

8. Accented minimalism

Do you absolutely love minimalism, but you’d like to level up it by implementing a French charm into it? Even though it may seem like it will ruin the minimalist style, French simplicity will take you straight to the small bathroom in a traditional building in the old town of Paris. How do you create such an atmosphere?

Start by getting a vintage, free-standing tub that will be the main element of your bathroom. Decorate the room with a traditional wooden farm stool covered in scented candles that will remind you of the old times. Bring out the old chandelier. Don’t forget to add a natural carpet to complete the design.

9. Crème de la crème  

Wouldn’t you absolutely adore submerging into a wonderful white and creamy bathroom with a vintage touch? The best of the best styles will take you back in time to the old French apothecary, with wonderful glass jars with metal tops for storing tiny essentials. Those shades of white will provide you with a sense of warmth and cleanness many people desire.

Don’t forget to implement vintage, floor-standing cabinetry, that will complete your bathroom’s look with oval sinks and marble countertops. Create a beautiful French countryside atmosphere by adding carved details on the walls that will bring out the unique shape of the room. 

10. Shabby chic style

It’s time to bring shabby chic back in style to create a French country bathroom you’ll adore. Besides bringing out your bathroom’s vintage side, you’ll have a chance to reuse the old furniture and create something extraordinary! So, how to do it?

Repaint your old, vintage vanity and furniture, and sandpaper them until you get the desired shabby look. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Even though the hardwood floor goes perfectly well with this kind of rustic design, it’s not the best option for the bathroom. Instead, you can use the tiles or lino to mimic the old worn-out floor for a perfect old French bathroom look.

11. Romantic bathing experience

Oh-la-la, everyone knows that France is considered to be one of the most romantic countries in the world. Why wouldn’t you create such an experience in your bathroom in the middle of Australia as well? All you need is a classic clawfoot tub with antique and elegant hardware. Add a vintage wood mirror on the wall, a crystal chandelier and an adorable old ladder for storing towels and candles.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems. Before you start transforming your bathroom into a romantic French one, you need to ensure that the pipes and water system is incomplete order. Instead of risking doing the hard work by yourself, contact a reliable Canberra plumber that will invest his knowledge and provide you with outstanding services. 

12. Vintage mirrors

Are you looking for a countryside vibe in the middle of the city? Try implementing adequate décor to achieve the desired look. One of the first things many people pay attention to is the mirror, so install a vintage mirror.

Depending on the vibe you want to achieve, you can combine vintage mirrors with modern elements for an eclectic approach. On the other hand, to decorate your bathroom, you can go full rustic and use retro fixtures and a contemporary sink that will match wonderfully with the gorgeous vintage mirror above. 


As you can see, it takes a bit of creativity and vintage elements to create a dreamy French country bathroom. Finish up your designs with hand-braided wooden baskets for laundry, and enjoy the gorgeous masterpiece you’ve created.

By NinArt