Bad breath or halitosis in really tough on anyone. It makes one feel embarrassed in striking conversation with people. Poor oral hygiene is the result when your breath stinks. Those who suffer from this problem are more likely to face tooth decay problem than the rest. However, this condition is something you can get treatment for easily, provided you consult the dentist on a timely and regular basis and check what you eat. There are foods that can not only mask or hide the stink of your breath but can also work wonders in the long run.

Foods To Fight Bad Breath

Here are some of foods to fight bad breath –

  1. Tea

Even though too much of tea is bad for your oral or dental health, you can still rely on its unsweetened type to fight bad breath. No matter whether you drink black or green tea, you will get the helpful antioxidants that inhibit the growth of bad breath causing bacteria. Yes, green tea will do more benefits because its processing is different and it’s capable of fighting different types of bacteria. So, get a cut of tea and keep your breath fresh.

  1. Apples and Spinach

Apples have always been known a fruit with numerous health benefits. You can eat more of them and not only get the jaw working but also scrub away harmful bacteria and food debris. More so, apples are a source of polyphenols found that can break down the smell-causing sulfur compounds. Plus, eating an apple can keep your teeth stronger and whiter and brighter. All these benefits are also available with spinach.

  1. Raw fruits and veggies

Ask any dentist how to get rid of bad breath and the most likely answer would be, eat crunchy fruits and veggies. They will help produce more saliva in your mouth and this is how harmful or smelly bacteria is kept out of the system. Such foods can also work as a scrubber to remove all those foods and debris that often get left over to help bacteria enter the oral cavity. So, eat more of celery, pears and cucumbers for fresh breath.

  1. Water

Dry mouth is helpful for harmful bacteria to thrive. That’s why you should either eat saliva-producing foods or drink more of water. When you drink plenty of water through the day, it helps flush out food particles and bacteria out of your mouth. The water you drink can work as a cleansing agent, therefore letting you maintain superior oral health without any issue of bad breath.

  1. Probiotic yogurt

Start eating more of yogurt if you want to maintain oral health and keep the problem of bad breath away. You can eat probiotic yogurt which is rich in good bacteria and can help lower the levels of smelly compounds in your mouth. And yes, stay away from yogurt with added sugars as they can invite more bacteria to deteriorate your dental problem.

  1. Parsley and Basil

Garlic and onions are two foods whose stink are most notorious. They have many smelly sulfur compounds which remain in mouth for longer and get mixed in the blood before coming out when we exhale. To neutralize the bad odor of garlic and onion, you can rely on parsley and basil as they have compounds to break down the smelly elements of those foods. Both the foods are good for fighting the problem of bad breath.

In addition, you should visit the dentist regularly and know in detail about dental implants new york. This is how you can take a good and optimum care of your teeth and gums.

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