Foods to Stay Fit And Healthy

In order to remain physically fit one must eat healthy food as it gives them much needed energy and calories.  Everyone wants to be fit in order to stay active but they do not eat the right kind of food to keep them fit instead they eat food that does damage to their body. This article will cover ten foods that keep you healthy and fit.

10 Best foods to keep yourself fit and healthy

1. Milk

Milk is the best food that keeps you fittest and is great for increasing your activeness, it contains everything that your body requires including hydrating water, calcium, sugar, and protein.

Fitness benefits

For an athlete, who burns a big amount of energy and damages his muscles many times, milk in any form is very helpful whether it’s chocolate milk, milkshake, or fruit smoothie; milk contains carbs and protein, which help him in recovering their lost energy and repairing his damaged muscles.

2. Cocoa

Cocoa is known for its health benefits, as it is a great food to fight against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It is full of nutrition, magnesium, antioxidants, and amino acids so it is the best food to eat every day.

Fitness benefits

With the help of cocoa, a person can lose unnecessary fats in his body and get rid of body toxins, if you are taking cocoa in the form of chocolate make sure it contains 70% cocoa and dark chocolate.

3. Dried fruit

If you are looking for an excellent source for an energy boost then dried fruits should be your choice, these fruits provide carbohydrate, natural sugar, potassium, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and fiber that makes them an excellent choice.

Fitness benefits

For runners, these fruits are great as it helps them by providing enough energy, which lets them compete in long races. It is important to try this method in practice first and get your body use to it.

4. Green vegetable

Many do not like green vegetables but they are excellent food that contains antioxidants, fibers that help in digestion, vitamins, mineral, and natural folic acid that keeps your heart healthy.

Fitness benefits

For people who are suffering from lactose tolerance so these green vegetables are a great substitute for dairy products as they also help them in recovering the calcium loss crucial for stronger bones.

5. Bananas

The most common food that everyone enjoys is a banana, it is not very expensive but it gives you many health benefits, which makes it popular. It contains vitamin B6, potassium, manganese, protein, and other nutrients.

Fitness benefits

It is a food that can be taken any time during, after, and before an exercise; it is an excellent way to treat muscle cramps. They are known as a super fruit because it is full of nutrient and provides more energy than any other fruit.

6. Tomatoes

Although tomatoes are famous for vitamin C, they also have excellent antioxidant properties because of which they are red in color. Men should use tomatoes a lot because they are very effective in preventing prostate cancer.

Fitness benefits

For people who are looking for a way to lose weight, tomatoes are a great choice because they ease inflammation, water retention in the body and fight the leptin resistance of our body.

7. Sweet potatoes

Better and healthier option than potatoes, sweet potatoes have beta-carotene, which helps in fighting numerous diseases, iron, fiber, and vitamin C.

Fitness benefits

With a high level of potassium, you can fight muscle cramps and with a high quantity of carbs, you can get a tremendous amount of energy.

8. Brazil nuts

Who does not love nuts, the Brazil nuts are another fantastic food to keep you fit and healthy. They provide selenium, magnesium, copper, and phosphorous, which are essential for keeping the immune system in perfect shape, for fighting various heart diseases and cancer.

Fitness benefits

They are a fantastic way to treat your hunger caused by the demanding exercise. Because they provide many necessary nutrients, which cannot be fulfilled by any other snack food.

9. Blueberries

Blueberries provide you many health benefits like reducing cancer risks, protecting you against heart diseases, keeping bones strong, reducing blood pressure, improving mental health, and fighting your aging process.

Fitness benefits

Blueberries provide energy to your body in a very rapid manner. So this makes them a great choice, before and after the workouts.

10. Salmon

Another excellent food that keeps you fit and healthy is Salmon. It has many nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins B12 and D, Omega 3, and many others. This helps during memory loss and protects your heart.

Fitness benefits    

For damaged muscles, it is the best option. Because it helps in repairing your damaged muscles.


These foods provide you the excellent sources that your body and minds need. It is important to stay active all day and help you in regaining the lost energy.  These foods contain different types of minerals, types of vitamins, and protein that fulfill your daily requirement.