Are you tired of going to the gym every day for weight loss? If yes, then we have a list of fitness equipment for weight loss which you can install in your home. Exercising at home is more beneficial than the gym because it is convenient and saves your time. You can work out any time you want and use the equipment according to your choice. But before contacting any gym equipment supplier, you must know the best equipment for this purpose. So here are some of the best fitness equipment for losing weight-

Fitness Equipment


A treadmill is one of the best equipment to burn calories effectively and lose weight. This equipment allows users to walk or run while using it, which is good for weight loss and overall physical health. This fitness equipment is straightforward to use, and hence it is widely used. You can do multitasking while using the treadmill- like listening to music, watching TV, etc. Treadmills are of two types, viz. manual and powered treadmills. Powered treadmills are costly, but they provide a comfortable and smooth experience. You can easily get treadmills from any gym equipment supplier.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is another effective home equipment for losing weight. This equipment allows all-body exercise, which means you can focus on your upper and lower body in a single workout. Rigorously working on this machine can burn a significant number of calories in a small amount of time. A rowing machine increases your stamina, and it has a low injury risk.

Stationary Bicycle

A stationary bicycle machine is very similar to a regular bicycle; the only difference is that you would miss the fresh air on a stationary bicycle. This machine can burn a lot of calories when appropriately used for a considerable amount of time. A stationary bicycle is mainly used for toning your lower body and is suitable for high-intensity interval training exercises. You can buy a stationary bicycle from a gym equipment supplier if you are looking for a transportable machine that can be kept any place.

Stepper Machine

Stepper machines are also excellent home equipment for weight loss which can be very easily installed at home. It allows you to climb stairs which is a good workout for lower body and fat burning. This machine works on your legs and abs and is safer to use. It provides strength training exercises to help you lose weight. During exercising with a stepper machine, your feet never leave the machine’s surface, and you spare your lower joints from repeated impacts. Hence this is also called a low-impact workout.

Dead Ball

A dead ball or slam ball is not a machine but a heavy rubber-coated ball that weighs between 6 kg to 20 kg. A dead ball is used for various full-body exercises, which help you burn calories and lose weight. You can work out in many ways with a slam ball. For example, a burpee slam enables you to work out on plenty of muscles at once and burn substantial calories. In addition, every time you exhaust your muscles exercising with a slam ball, they will get stronger. This is one of the cheapest pieces of equipment which you can buy from a gym equipment supplier.

Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer or cross-trainer is an excellent choice for losing weight because it mainly focuses on the lower part of the body, where most of us store fats. The elliptical trainer allows you to climb stairs, walk or run, and enable high-intensity interval training and steady-state cardio workouts. This equipment has zero injury risk, and you can buy it from a gym equipment supplier if you are looking for injury-free weight loss exercises.

Morning Walker

A morning walker is one of the easiest of all the equipment for losing weight and dissolving fat. This equipment is used as an alternative to morning walks and allows aerobic exercises, increasing oxygen in the blood. This equipment contains a motor and infrared vibrations to help you with maintaining a fit body. It is estimated that using a morning walker for 15 minutes gives you the benefit of walking 8 km.

Battle Rope

Battle ropes are not machines, but heavy thick ropes which you can easily buy from any gym equipment supplier. These are one of the most effective equipment for losing weight at home, allowing you a full-body workout. Researchers suggest that swinging battle ropes for just 10 minutes can burn 112 calories. They can also help you tone your existing muscles, gain muscle mass, boost your metabolism, and are highly used by footballers and athletes. Battle ropes being simple ropes, the chances of injury are significantly less.

These were the best fitness equipment which can help you lost weight from the comfort of your home. We hope this helped you. Now you can confidently contact your gym equipment supplier to buy the one that suits you.