5 Key Factors to Bear in Mind When Picking Internal Doors

Picking Internal Doors
Picking Internal Doors

Whether you’re renovating your current abode or crafting a new one, the selection of internal doors can considerably impact the overall aesthetics and functionality of your space. With so many materials and designs to pick from, it’s essential you’re well-informed before making any decisions.

Ultimately, you will want to find internal doors that harmonise with your home’s style and cater to your lifestyle needs. Here are some worthy factors to bear in mind first.

Door Material

Arguably the most significant consideration of all is the material of a door. The material directly affects the door’s durability, sound insulation properties, maintenance needs, not to forget aesthetics. Popular choices include solid wood and hollow core. Solid wood doors exude a classic charm. However, they can warp over time. On the other hand, hollow core doors are more budget-friendly and lightweight, but they lack soundproofing. Online Door Store sell doors for interior that you can check out. They have an extensive range of products that come in all kinds of materials that are sure to be the perfect fit in your property.

Door Style

Your internal doors must align with the overall style of your abode. If you have a period or traditional property, panel doors featuring Georgian or Victorian designs can add character. For contemporary homes, flush doors, or those with sleek, minimalist designs can blend well. There’s even the option to choose a barn or pocket door that can provide a rustic or modern touch respectively. What’s more, they’re brilliant space savers.

Function and Privacy

The purpose of the room behind the door is another important factor to take into account. For example, privacy should be your main concern regarding bedrooms and bathrooms. Solid doors are generally preferable for either. For your dining or study room, glazed doors can be an excellent choice as they let natural light flow between rooms while still offering some levels of privacy. For tight or small spaces, bi-fold or sliding doors can provide a practical solution.

Door Size

Standard doors in the country range between 1981mm in height and 457mm to 914mm in width. Although, you aren’t confined to these dimensions. For accessibility reasons or to make a design statement, taller or wider doors may be a better option. Just make sure you measure your doorways accurately before buying and allow room for fitting too.


Finally, we must talk about budget. The amount you shell out for internal doors will vary dramatically depending on the material, style, and size. For example, solid wood tends to be more expensive than hollow core doors. Specially sized or custom-made doors can also hike up the price. You need to also factor in the cost of door furniture like handles and hinges, as well as installation. Writing out a budget will ensure you spend within your means.

Picking the right internal doors is all about balancing aesthetic appeal, cost, and functionality. As long as bear the factors above in mind, you can make an informed decision and find internal doors that enhance your home’s interior.