Factors Affecting the Cost of Laminate Flooring
Laminate wood flooring
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Many homeowners are obsessed with the look of hardwood floors. But given the cost and maintenance of real wood, this can be challenging. Over the years, laminate flooring has gained impressive reviews among people and interior designers as a suitable alternative to wood flooring.

Earlier, there was an artificial look to laminate floors. Fortunately, with the advancement of technology, laminate flooring successfully mimics the character of wood, stone, and others at half of the price.

High-quality laminate floors are quite durable and easier to maintain than natural wood flooring. They are also an excellent option for high-traffic commercial spaces like offices, restaurants, libraries, and cafés.

There isn’t an ounce of doubt that laminate floors have many advantages. However, there are qualities and types of laminate floors—and the cost varies according to certain factors.

These factors listed below need to be considered before investing.

Factors affecting the cost of laminate flooring

Calculating the expense of laminate floors depends on a lot of aspects. Here are some of the most significant ones:

Flooring area and design

The cost of expense for laminate flooring highly depends on the floor area and space of the room. Different companies have different variations of laminate planks.

The cost can fluctuate on the type of finish and the amount of product needed to cover the room.

Usually, the larger the room, the more expensive it is. But with a smaller room, there are many cutting or trimming if the design is a little complicated.

Consideration of foot traffic

Although laminate floors are equipped enough to hold daily foot traffic, some things need to be considered.

For example, in the case of children or pets at home, it is likely that your floor will get dirtier. In that case, go for grey laminate flooring as it shows less dirt and scratch marks. That is why we favour using wood laminate flooring than stone laminates.

Grey laminate flooring
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The quality of the laminate floors

You might get an unbelievable deal from a manufacturer for laminate floors, but the quality matters in the case of any flooring.

Ask your manufacturer to provide photographs and variations of different laminate floor designs. There are so many options like oak laminate flooring, grey laminate flooring, herringbone laminate flooring, white laminate flooring—each has its unique aesthetic and comes with a specific price.

The quality of the laminate floors
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Labour cost

The cost of labour will add to the overall expense of the flooring. There is a price of underlayment that is rolled and taped down under the laminate floor.

While the thinner ones cost a little less but the installation is extremely time-consuming. If you DIY the floor, which isn’t a good idea if you aren’t a pro, the cost can reduce by half.

Location and time of the year

Geographic location plays a role in the price of laminate flooring. Different states have different costs for materials and labour. Usually, metropolitan cities can be expensive than rural areas.

But how does time affect the price of laminate flooring?

Well, people usually start with remodelling projects during the holiday season. The prices are generally high, especially for labour.

After the holidays, contractors are not that busy, so labour costs decrease to boost more business deals.

Some additional factors to count

Apart from these factors, there are some costs like subfloor replacement, warranty, thickness, etc.

Removal of old flooring can add up to the expense. It is always better to start fresh as uneven old floors can affect the look of the new floor.

Due to water damage or moisture damage, subfloor replacement is also done during floor renovation. If it is in between the warranty period, which is rare, the cost can be reduced.

Keeping these factors in mind, we would say to weigh all the pros and cons before making such a significant investment.

Many flooring retailers like Floorsave have their own website where you can look at their range of laminate flooring. They also have stores where they allow customers to test out planks. Here you can also ask for expert advice on various other wood flooring options suitable for your home and office.

Laminate flooring

Once you understand everything about the flooring, only then start with the purchasing. The quality matters a lot so buy from reliable and well-reputed companies. At Floorsave, you will get authentic and tested laminate wood flooring products at the best price offer. Explore a wide range of wood flooring products and place your orders online.

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